Book adaptations into movies and television shows continue to be a popular trend and Spike TV has jumped on board by giving a pilot order for Stephen King‘s ‘The Mist‘! The network has been slowly working on changing up from unscripted content to genre shows, first with the pickup of Red Mars‘ and now with this latest adaptation of King’s novella. The last incarnation of ‘The Mist’ was in 2007 on the big screen. The movie actually went much darker in the end with King having actually written his closure in the same way.

In the series, we still see a mysterious mist cover a town and things go rather poorly for those who are trapped within it. While the creatures within the mist in the big screen version were portrayed as Lovecraftian in nature, the Spike TV series will be inspired and guided by the novella but not be used as an outline for it. With a plan for an ongoing series, it doesn’t seem surprising that they would want to limit themselves to the novella but if ‘Under the Dome’ has proven anything it’s that they should try to stick as closely to the themes of the original work as possible.

We had previously assumed that Dimension Television would try to follow their success on ‘Scream’ and shop this over to MTV, though I think that Spike TV might be a better option as they are likely more willing to take risks to garner a new audience with the network’s new expansion into scripted television.

Are you looking forward to an ongoing series based off of ‘The Mist’? Do you think that they’ll be able to top what was already done in the film or will this be dragged into the ground from forcing the idea to expand past what King initially wrote? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend