One of the biggest question on the minds of fans of the MCU is how exactly is Spider-Man/ Peter Parker going to factor into the upcoming ‘Captain America: Civil War’ storyline, and whether his relationships with Captain American and Iron Man will be similar to his story from the ‘Civil War’ comic. While it has been confirmed that Spider-Man in the film will not appear until after the heroes have already chosen their respective sides (at least according to Empire magazine), we now know it is then that Spider-Man “forms a relationship with one character,” though which character is not known.

From context, we can guess it will be with Iron Man since we have heard rumors that Tony Stark is responsible for giving Peter Parker the Spider-Man suit, and will be showing up in Spider-Man’s stand-alone MCU film, but you never know. In the comics, Spidey started out on Iron Man’s side then switched to Captain America’s side after he saw the darker aspects of Tony Stark’s position, and that might yet play out in the film, despite the Russo Brothers saying that Tony will not be an antagonistic in this version of the ‘Civil War’ storyline, being more sympathetic so audiences will leave theaters wondering which hero, Cap or Iron Man, was actually in the right.

As far as the Winter Soldier’s role in everything, well that we have some more concrete information about.  According to co-director Joe Russo:

“He and Steve have the emotional connection of brothers – even more so because Bucky was all Steve had growing up. Bucky was his protector, and that dynamic shifted when Steve Became Captain America, and now it has shifted again. The Cap-Bucky story is a love story; he can’t let go of his brother. He can reconcile Bucky’s crimes, but other people have no emotional context for Bucky, and they need to point the finger. We have no idea if he’s a hero or a villain. People are going to walk out arguing about that too.”

So it seems we will definitely be seeing some interesting character developments over the course of ‘Civil War,’ and I for one cannot wait to see how it is all going to play out. What are your thoughts on where Spider-Man will stand? Do you want his story to stay true to the comics? Do you like that Bucky’s character will still be a wildcard in this movie? Feel free to comment below!

Source: Comic Book Movie, What Culture