I can’t tell you how much better I like the direction Season 10 is taking with this newest story arc. The creature that made me frightened to use Port-A-Potties is back and Russians are inexplicably involved with the plot. Essentially, it’s just good old X-Files fare, and it’s a delight for old fans like myself.

Though… really… of all the monsters for them to bring back, the mutant tape worm, or “Flukeman”, would probably be my last pick, if only because it scared the living daylights out of me. That episode is what convinced me to check toilets and showers for monsters, and made me deathly afraid to go swimming anywhere.

I’m an adult now, so I’m not as concerned… oh except that this comic came out and now we find out that the creature is able to spread it’s mutated DNA far more effectively than we previously thought. Oh, and it actually has more intelligence than we first thought and is going on a murdering spree.

Great. Just great.

I may never go near water again.

Other than that, the new art style is something I’m really digging (though there were elements of the art style in the last arc that I enjoyed, it didn’t feel real enough). The story’s pacing seems to be doing great, and the nods to old ‘X-Files’ while introducing new takes on old episodes is really quite cool.

Good issue. Good arc. Good everything.


Written by: Joe Harris
Art by: Elena Casagrande and Silvia Califano