With the premiere only weeks away, Netflix has released a new promo for the sophomore season of ‘Daredevil.’

We knew the stakes would be higher in Season 2, and with a vigilante who has no limits to what he’ll do to exact justice, it’s no surprise Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) would feel that his hands are tied to what he can and cannot do without crossing the line. In this case, however, it’s more than his hands that are tied.

Take a look:

The poster ties in with the image that was released last month of the Punisher standing over a chained up Daredevil with a gun in his hand. This image has fans anticipating the recreation of the panels seen in Garth Ennis’ ‘The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank’ comic series where Frank Castle has Daredevil chained up and places a gun in his hand and tells him to make a choice: Don’t use the gun and watch him kill someone or use it to shoot him in the back and become a killer himself:

Daredevil comic

You do have to say one thing about the Marvel/Netflix series; they don’t shy away from controversial social issues and this season of ‘Daredevil’ will be having fans second guessing themselves as well as question their social stance.

The new season of ‘Daredevil’ isn’t slated to be released until next month, but Netflix has been doing a great job in teasing us along the way. Earlier in the week they released Part I of the show’s trailer featuring Jon Bernthal’s Punisher hinting at the connection he has to the Man Without Fear. Next week, Part II will be released which will showcase the alluring yet sociopathic assassin Elektra.

It will definitely be interesting times in Hell’s Kitchen when ‘Daredevil’ returns, don’t you think?


All 13 episodes of Season 2 of Daredevil’ will stream on Netflix beginning March 18 and will bring the return of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Scott Glenn as Stick and Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple with Jon Bernthal debuting as Frank Castle/Punisher) and Elodie as Elektra Natchios.