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As fans of ‘Torchwood’ know, besides Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman, now seen on ‘Arrow’), the one Torchwood team member that managed to survive until the last episode was Gwen Cooper, played by Eve Myles.  Though she was married to Rhys (Kai Owen), there was always an undercurrent of sexual tension between Gwen and Jack (although he generally preferred men, he still had a daughter after a relationship with a woman).  Gwen was essentially the audience’s entry into the crazy world of ‘Torchwood’ as a former police officer turned paranormal investigator.  She first appeared in the first episode of that show in 2006, so in some manner, she has been playing this role for ten years.

Recently, Myles provided the voice for Gwen in the ongoing Big Finish ‘Torchwood’ audio plays written by Guy Adams (who also wrote the ‘Torchwood’ prose novel ‘The House That Jack Built’), which also features the voices of Barrowman, Owen and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones and Tracy-Ann Oberman as ‘Doctor Who’ character Yvonne Hartman.  But it appears that this will be Myles’ last turn as Gwen Cooper.

The actress took to Twitter to respond to fan inquiries regarding the nebulous status of ‘Torchwood’ which aired its last episode in 2011, after the show was picked up by Starz and relocated to the U.S.  Fans have held out hope that the show would revert back exclusively to the BBC, but Captain Jack, Gwen and whoever was still alive haven’t materialized on ‘Doctor Who’ or anywhere else.  It’s been five years and at least Myles has given up hope and said goodbye to Gwen.

R.I.P. Gwen.

To be honest, Gwen has always been a divisive figure in this fandom.  She was intended as an introductory figure, but she ended up being something of a Mary Sue that some viewers resented for being too flawless.  It probably didn’t help that she outlived other more beloved characters.

Are you upset that Eve Myles won’t be returning to any version of ‘Torchwood’?  Or is it just as well, considering everyone else is dead anyway?

Source: Blogtor Who