Potentially the first domino to fall into place following the unrivaled success of 20th Century Fox’s ‘Deadpool‘ is fellow ‘X-Men’ universe superhero (anti-hero?) Wolverine, who it seems may just get that “R” rating he has been looking to claim for years. Of course, with the second ‘Wolverine’ movie they had already thrown around the idea of making it R rated, since Wolverine is a melee fighter with sharp metal claws, it is easy to see how the violence and gore could easily rocket the film up to that level. toy fair wolverine 3 R rating pamphletIn fact, while shooting ‘The Wolverine’ they actually crafted shots for both the PG-13 and R rating, letting the director and the studio (who am I kidding, the STUDIO) make the decision after the fact, which is why ‘The Wolverine’ ended up being rated PG-13 with an “Unleashed” version for home viewing that was basically the rated R version coming out later.

Now, after ‘Deadpool,’ things might be different although according to a pamphlet handed out during Toy Fair in New York City recently, 20th Century Fox might have already had an R rating in mind for ‘Wolverine 3’ even before ‘Deadpool’s’ successful launch. Check out the pamphlet (to the right) which clearly states that the rating for the film is R, leaving no question about a PG-13 rating. Of course, a lot could change between now and when the film is actually released, but this is an encouraging sign. Whether or not a Wolverine movie really needs to be rated R, though, is another question entirely, as the character lacks the cursing and sex scenes in the comics that demanded such a rating for ‘Deadpool,’ but we could end up with a lot cooler (and bloodier) fight scenes in ‘Wolverine 3’ with that R rating.

What are your thoughts on ‘Wolverine 3’ being R rated? Does it even make a difference with that character? Or do you think that he should have had that rating all along? Share your opinions below!

Source: Collider