Netflix has secured some major talent for one of the episodes of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series, ‘Black Mirror.’ While we don’t know much about the stand alone episode quite yet, we’ve just learned that Joe Wright (‘Pan’,’Hanna’) is set to direct one of the episodes. If the director alone doesn’t catch your interest we’ve also found out that his episode will star both Bryce Dallas Howard (‘Jurassic World‘,’The Village’) and Alice Eve (‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘,’Men in Black 3’)!

Wright is coming off the big screen blockbuster ‘Pan’ and returning to TV which is an interesting choice. I have a feeling he might be trying to get out of being typecast as a director who primarily does romance films and period pieces as much of his work has been in the past. Of course, he might just prefer the idea of a single episode that won’t have the time commitment just like he just had for ‘Pan’.

Howard and Eve are both good choices for the series from a genre standpoint. While they are more prominent on the big screen than the small one, they have a ton of genre films in their past and are perfect for the dystopia theme that they will soon find themselves in.

I suspect that these three are the first of many big names which will be attracted to ‘Black Mirror’ now that it has moved to Netflix and I can’t wait to see who comes next! The original series, also helmed by Brooker on Channel 4, “has received an international Emmy Award, a Peabody Award, a Rose D’Or and been nominated for a BAFTA.”

Critics and fans have both been flocking to the show and as Netflix originally picked up the first 2 seasons the international viewership has gone through the roof. With solid story telling, special effects, and acting, the series has both fans and critics wanting more.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘Black Mirror’? Happy to see that we’re going to be getting a new influx of prominent actors on the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline