Although fans have been fairly satisfied with the trailer we received for ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ last November, it does not mean we have not been hungering for more footage from the highly anticipated blockbuster. Luckily for us, Marvel knows it, and sent us a new 30 second promo during Sunday’s Superbowl that included lots of new footage, which definitely helped further whet our appetites for the next adventure of Captain America, Falcon, Bucky, Iron Man, and the rest. With all of the footage out there though, we still do not have a clear grasp on what the final plot of the film is going to be (which I believe is a good thing, as no one wants to be spoiled by the trailers).

For anyone who is interested in seeing how potentially it is all going to piece together though, check out the fan remix of all the trailers below! It does a fairly good job of putting all the footage we have seen so far in chronological order, giving us a sense of how the “war” is going to play out. The footage opens with Cap, Falcon and Widow on a mission at the IFID (Institute for Infectious Diseases) which does not go as planned, followed by a bombing at what appears to be the UN, and footage of Bucky trying to shoot Tony Stark for some reason, then everything goes to hell. We get the scene from the ‘Ant-Man’ credits where Bucky talks to Falcon and Cap, then everyone being taken in and brought to Thunderbolt Ross, having the Sokovia Accords thrown at them, all of it culminating in the big battle between the Avengers factions. Of course, I’m leaving out a couple of scenes, but make sure to check out the full trailer edit yourself to see how it might play out.

What are your thoughts on the accuracy of the fan trailer? Share your theories on how the scenes might play out in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend