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“Only you shall not eat the
Blood; you shall pour it out
On the earth like water.”

Occult rituals to draw rain, Eve demonstrating her terrifying powers, and Black Claw upping their drive towards Wesen controlling everything are the major threads of this week’s Grimm.

After weeks staying at the safe house, Nick finally makes time to explore the old, locked door in the safe house tunnel. He doesn’t get too far before Trubel pays him a visit. After Hadrian Wall surveillance catches sight of an unidentified man (eventually named the ‘Courier’) whose presence is a precursor for bad tidings entering Portland, the organization knows they have to take more of the fight to Black Claw and need a definitive answer on whether Nick and the others are ready to go all-in with Hadrian’s Wall.

Eve shows herself to be the ultimate interrogator
Eve shows herself to be the ultimate interrogator

Of course, there’s the pesky murder case Nick and Hank are given, one that has its roots steeped in fuilcre sacrificial ritual for rain. Not long after they start investigating the first victim, the detectives get the call on the second victim. It’s after the second murder than Nick and Hank tap into Monrosalee, their premiere Wesen source, who shares the information about the fuilcre—bovine-like Wesen who seem to be the farmers of the Wesen world. Based on books on Wesen lore, this particular ritual, performed to induce rain during droughts like the current one being experienced in Portland, requires seven sacrifices to complete. That means five more bodies are either out there or will be before it’s done. The only lead the detectives have are the wood beams used in the two murders. It points them to Duncan Fargo, manager of Columbia Lumber who gives them the name of Max Holloway, the purchaser of a bulk order of those beams. Nick and Hank pay Max a visit and though he admits to purchasing the beams, he mentions they were stolen. It seems a bit too convenient, more so when Max reveals himself to be a fuilcre and attack Nick.

Switching gears to Hadrian’s Wall; Meisner, Trubel, and Eve raid a Black Claw cell, wiping out the foot soldiers save for one. The lone survivor is interrogated without mercy by Eve and gives up what information he has on ‘The Courier’, most specifically that he’s delivering a message to Lucien Petrovich. Meisner recognizes the latter’s name but does not elaborate. It’s a breakthrough for the Wall though they still don’t have a location for Petrovich.

Back to the primary case, Max mentions Donald Jones, a guy whose appeal for the return of Wesen culture all but confirms he’s a part of Black Claw. The case itself gets another boost from Adalind who, when told about the plow aspects of the ritual tells Nick that Ursa Major, aka the Big Dipper, was known as the plow in England and Ireland. Nick can’t hide his amazement at Adalind’s knowledge though there is more behind his glance than her help on the case.

Nick and Hank prevent the seventh sacrifice...or do they?
Nick and Hank prevent the seventh sacrifice…or do they?

The discovery of a third body exonerates Max Holloway in the murders and another piece to figuring out the potential location of other bodies. Going over the star map with Monrosalee, Rosalee identifies Alkaid as the Dipper’s handle. Meaning ‘Chief of Mourners’ in Arabic, Huntington Graveyard is as good a guess for the reference point as can be. The detectives disseminate the news of potential body locations with the other departments while Monroe catches the trail of Donald Jones and a Black Claw rally. He bears witness to Max Holloway being rejected by his son in favor of the cult-like behavior though never gets a photo of Jones.

More importantly, Nick and Hank get calls on victims four through six, all of which have been dead for weeks. The only point where a body has yet to be found is the cemetery. The detectives and Wu make it out there moments before the fuilcre completes the final bloodletting, filling him with holes. As he de-woges, the Wesen is none other than Duncan Fargo, lumber master. With his dying breath, he murmurs “and the blood shall be spilt upon the earth as water” before succumbing to his injuries. As Nick and Hank work on how to write up the report, the heavens open and the rains come.

The Grimmtastic

  • Tidbits of Wesen lore are always interesting to see but, in the grand scheme of the story, irrelevant. But the identification of ‘The Courier’, another mention of Lucien Petrovich, and the Black Claw recruitment drive beefs up this season’s primary threat. Everything about Black Claw is in line with a highly organized terrorist organization, including the recruitment of those who are down and without direction. The writers are doing a very good job with the slow burn of building up the true threat Black Claw poses.
  • When faced with such a strong enemy, one needs powerful allies and, wow, how scary is Eve as an ally? Her hexen-biest abilities are only trumped by her complete control and apparent lack of emotion. To fight the good fight, one must maintain some aspect of civility but, when innocent lives are at risk, one must also be willing to cross that line lest evil win out. While Nick and the others will retain those aspects of civility, a weapon like Eve is invaluable.
  • Once again Rosalee is contacted by the mysterious Tony from her past. This has been building for a few weeks now and is only a matter of time before things boil over and Tony shows his face in Portland. Monroe’s reaction, I believe, will change things for the couple though, for good or ill, we’ll have to wait and see.
  • Speaking of couples, it looks like Renard has his woman in Rachel Wood.  We still don’t know much about her or Andrew Dixon but, by the way she spoke to Renard’s TV spot, it seems as if she’s prepping him to run for office.