revivalSamuel L. Jackson (‘The Avengers’,’Snakes on a Plane’) is currently circling the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Revival’ for one of the novel’s pivotal roles.

If you hadn’t heard about the film, it was recently announced that Josh Boone (‘The Fault in Our Stars’) would be tackling it while work on ‘The Stand’ has been delayed. ‘Revival’ is a film he has had in mind and not only will he be helming, but he has already written a script which Michael de Luca has signed on to produce.

‘Revival’ deals with the a preacher who lost his faith after his wife and child were taken from him in a tragic accident. With his faith in God gone, it quickly becomes clear that the preacher’s conscience was only in place from his faith. He leans towards a new way to heal others and experiments with electrical current to heal his followers. The thing is, his healing gift appears to be working in some cases – only the cost of this newfound power is great and will have dire consequences. In the film, we won’t be just following the preacher but also his sidekick, a man with a troubled past that the preacher saved who cleans up after his dirty work.

Jackson would be taking on the part of the preacher, Charles Jacobs. Outgoing, outspoken, and someone who is used to commanding a congregation is exactly the kind of role I could see Jackson tackling. I’m kind of hoping we see a bit of a return of his Jules Winnfield persona from ‘Pulp Fiction’.

This wouldn’t be Jackson’s first run in with a Stephen King adaptation as in 2007 he starred in ‘1408’ and has already wrapped filming in the soon to be released ‘Cell’ also by the author. At this time no studio has signed on but with Jackson attached, I’m sure it won’t be long until it is officially picked up.

Are you looking forward to ‘Revival’? If you’ve read the novel do you think that King would make a great fit to play Jacobs? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly