Kumail Nanjiani
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Kumail Nanjiani has been on a massive role since his breakthrough in the dramatic biopic based on his life, ‘The Big Sick’ in 2017.  He has been tapped to bring his unique sense of humor to franchises like ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ and ‘Men in Black: International’, and even the more dramatic ‘Twilight Zone’ on CBS All Access.  His latest comedy movie, ‘Stuber’, co-starring Dave Bautista, opens this weekend.

While promoting that flick, he has been asked about another MAJOR franchise that he is said to be joining– the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  In April, Nanjiani’s name was the second to surface in connection to the upcoming picture ‘The Eternals’, after Angelina Jolie.  Unfortunately, Marvel is always super secretive with its projects, but has been even more zip-lipped in the past year, refusing to even acknowledge what movies are on their way after ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’.

But that movie is out now, and San Diego Comic-Con is next week.  So hopefully more information will be available after that.  In the meantime, Nanjiani can’t comment on any rumors.

When Variety asked him about this, he replied simply:

“I cannot comment on that.  It would be so great to be part of a superhero film. I would love it so much.”

He delivered the same message, almost verbatim during an appearance on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ on Wednesday night.

But if you nitpick his words, he replied, “I cannot comment on that.”  If it was just a false rumor, what’s to stop him from denying it?  There would be no harm in deflecting the rumor if he flat-out wasn’t going to be in ‘Eternals’ or some other Marvel project.  But the fact that he has seemingly been instructed not to say anything means that there is something there.

That doesn’t mean that he will 100% be in ‘Eternals’.  He could be up for another movie or even a TV series, but either way, he “cannot” talk about it.

Expect some verification next week, when Marvel Studios presents its panel at Hall H at SDCC.