The Big Bang Theory

bbt guys discuss V-DAyThe episode opens with Raj discussing with the guys whether or not he wants to spend Valentine’s Day with Emily, as he has had serious doubts about the relationship since he met Claire (though to be fair he has wanted to break up with Emily since last season’s finale). The guys chide him for not just ending the relationship, but Raj rightfully points out that none of them have ever ended a relationship either. Raj continues the discussion with Penny later, who gives him some tips on how to end it cleanly, including breaking up at her place so he can leave right away and bracing yourself for tears (in this case, Raj’s tears, not Emily’s). Raj goes through with the plan and breaks up with Emily, who is pissed that he chose to end things a few days before Valentine’s Day. He next calls Claire to ask her out, and learns she has just gotten back together with her boyfriend, and thinks he was cruel to break up with Emily so close to the holiday. Raj then rushes back to Emily’s apartment to try to salvage the relationship but she slams the door in his face, leaving Raj sad and alone for the coming holiday.

bbt penny and leonard on v-DateMeanwhile, for Valentine’s Day Penny and Leonard make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and go out for dinner, only to arrive and learn the restaurant has overbooked itself, and the wait is going to be over an hour. Leonard tries to bribe the host, but ends up giving $20 to a stranger, so Penny steps up to flirt with the guy and get them a table. Unfortunately, he calls her “m’am,” and reveals he is only 21 and thinks she is way too old for him (since Penny is early 30’s now), crushing Penny’s confidence. In defeat, the couple grabs fast-food and eats in their car, with Penny lamenting the loss of her youth. They decide to try to do something young and fun, including a food fight (after a face full of fries Penny is not amused), skinny-dipping at the beach (vetoed as Leonard did not want fish nibbling at his bits), and a midnight showing of ‘Moulin Rouge,’ which luckily was sold out cause neither of them really wanted to stay out that late.

bbt wolowitzs with rabbitThe Wolowitz’s meanwhile are testing out the new hot-tub for Valentine’s Day, with everything going swimmingly until they discover a rat floating in the hot-tub. They fish out the rodent and discover it is actually a rabbit, which they name Valentino in honor of the holiday, right before it bites Howard, who flips out worrying about rabies. They learn the only way to test the animal for rabies is to take it to the vet and have its head cut off, but neither Howard nor Bernie wants to hurt the poor creature. In defeat, Howard heads to the Emergency Room to get checked out, while Bernadette sadly tells the rabbit that she will have to wait for another opportunity to tell Howard she’s pregnant.

bbt amy and sheldon live showAmy and Sheldon are spending the holiday doing a live version of ‘Fun With Flags,’ with Sheldon even adding Amy’s name to the credits because she means so much to him. The show is planned to include a call in aspect for all of their fans, but they are quickly ambushed by Raj calling in depressed to talk about his loneliness and ask for advice from Sheldon and Amy. While Sheldon throws a fit at having his show interrupted while LIVE, Amy tries to help Raj, though she receives another call, this time from Kripke, who also wants to whine about being alone, though he is also creepily looking for women to call him based on his appearance on the show. After hanging up on Kripke a couple of time, Amy pushes Sheldon to open up for Raj, and Sheldon explains that break-ups are hard, but that they can be useful in teaching us how to be better mates (essentially), saying that he was glad of what happened with him and Amy as it made their relationship stronger now because he appreciates her. His point being made, the show is now interrupted by Penny and Leonard bursting into the apartment in cupid costumes, throwing confetti and claiming themselves to be young and fun.

In the episode close, Penny and Leonard clean up the confetti while Amy and Sheldon talk on the couch, Penny stating cleaning is definitely not young and fun. To liven things up, Leonard attempts to start a confetti fight, but once again Penny is not amused and Leonard offers to finish cleaning himself to atone.


SHELDON: (on never having broken up with anyone) Once I ordered an Uber by mistake, once it arrived I just got in and went somewhere.

LEONARD: (to Penny) A lot of attitude from a woman who thought “M C Squared” was a rapper.

AMY: (answering questions on live episode of ‘Fun With Flags’) No, I just blink a lot. It’s not morse code for rescue me.

KRIPKE: (Calling into the show with his female preferences) Preferably asian, 14-24, no fatties.

BERNADETTE: He’s so little, I’m sure its fine.
HOWARD: How can it be fine!?! I just got attacked by a clearly anti-semitic wild animal!

SHELDON: (angry that Kripke and Raj are interrupting his show) When British Honduras became Belize, they designed a new flag with a tree on it, and I would like to hang myself from that tree.

BERNADETTE: Howie it’s just your hypochondria.
HOWARD: When I sat on the mute button and thought I’d gone deaf, that was my hypochondria.

Not bad for a Valentine’s Day episode, and I appreciate the way they set up Bernie being pregnant by her maternal instincts toward the rabbit, even wrapping it up in blankets and holding it like a baby. I am glad Raj is done with Emily, but he definitely needs to find a new (and better) girl quickly, as I don’t want another season of lonely Raj and his dog. As for Sheldon and Amy, I had really hoped he would propose during the live episode of ‘Fun with Flags,’ but now I suppose we wait for the writers to find the truly perfect opportunity for it to happen. Looking forward to next week!