The Flash Supergirl

For anyone unaware of the cosmic happenings on ‘The Flash’ this week, let me tell you, it was a doozy. When Barry, Cisco and Harry travel through the speed-cannon into Earth-2, they happen to encounter a few surprises along the way, though I suppose those surprises were more telling for the audience than the characters, just based on what we saw. You see, in traveling from Earth-1 to Earth-2, they had to cross a kind of dimensional bridge, and along the way they caught glimpses of other “Earths” in the multiverse, the most exciting image they saw being Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) flying into action, hinting at the cross-over on March 28th between ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl,’ and letting us know how exactly the cross-over is going to work.

The-Flash-5-600x350We now have confirmed that Supergirl’s world does not exist in the same continuity as the ‘Arrowverse,’ but it can be reached via multi-verse jumping, which basically opens up the possibility that ‘The Flash’ can jump into ANY DC continuity, as we also saw brief flashes (no pun intended) of the world where the Flash looks like Barry’s dad (via an image used from the early 90’s ‘Flash’ TV Series), as well as what most people are claiming is Justin Hartley’s ‘Green Arrow’ character from the CW’s ‘Smallville’ series, (though I don’t buy into that theory as I think the image just looks like an older version of the Green Arrow from the Arrowverse).

Either way, this opens up a lot of possibilities for the future, as it allows DC to have its cake and eat it too. They can have different continuities for their TV shows and cinematic universes, and because of the “multiverse” idea, characters can still find ways to cross over from one to another without it feeling forced or ruining continuity. For example, they can have the world of ‘Supergirl’ where she and Superman exist as heroes beloved by the world, and it does not have to fit into the continuity of the Arrowverse where heroes are relatively new and still not fully trusted, but still the shows can cross-over without ruining the integrity of either universe because they will simply be crossing into alternate realities.

What are your thoughts on the show opening up the multiverse? Is it too complicated, or does it work brilliantly? Share your opinions in the comments below!