This year’s Arrowverse crossover was supposed to be a smaller, more character-driven story than last year’s reality jumping ‘Crisis on Earth-X’, but slowly it seems that this isn’t as stripped-down as it may have seemed at first.  First, the name ‘Elseworlds’ seems to indicate that the heroes will be travelling to more alternate realities.  Last year’s crossover had the heroes visiting a world where the Nazis won World War II.  This is also seemingly confirmed by the introduction of LaMonica Garrett as the practically omniscient Monitor, a key figure from the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ comic book.

The ‘Elseworlds’ crossover is now filming.  Just a couple of days ago, ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell revealed a photo of Tyler Hoechlin‘s Superman, dressed in an all-black uniform.  He followed that up with a photo of himself and ‘The Flash’s Grant Gustin wearing matching biker outfits, complete with leather jackets, bandannas and chain wallets.

Now the pair of leads have pulled another fashion stunt.  In the new poster released by The CW, we are treated to Barry Allen as Green Arrow and Oliver Queen as The Flash!  What?!  The new image bears the caption “Destiny will be rewritten.”  Check it out below:

‘The Flash’ has already adapted the time rewriting ‘Flashpoint’ storyline (kind of).  And viewers have already seen various parallel realities and futures.  How will the writers make this switcheroo unique?

This crossover will focus on Gotham City, although the Gotham City of which world is unknown.  Batman doesn’t appear, but Ruby Rose will debut as Batwoman, with an eye on her headlining her own series if this goes well.  Obviously, Hoechlin appears, and it has been revealed that he appears on all three episodes of the crossover.  Elizabeth Tulloch will be introduced as the Arrowverse’s Lois Lane.

‘Elseworlds’ will begin on Sunday, December 9th, at 8pm on ‘The Flash’, which airs on a special night for this event.  Part 2 takes place on ‘Supergirl’, on Monday, Dec. 10th, and the event wraps up on Tuesday, Dec. 11th on ‘Arrow’.  ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will sit out this year’s event.

Source: TV Line