The following is part of a series pitting the merits and abilities of similar characters against each other. We open with a disclosure of the personal bias of the author then outline some ground rules and end with an example of how a fight between the two might unfold.

Ground rules: This fight features Luke Skywalker circa ‘Return of the Jedi.’ If I’m allowing Luke a lightsaber, and I am, I figure I should give the Chief the Covenant energy sword, the assault rifle, and grenades–pretty standard weapons in his popular game ‘Halo.’ The arena is the classic Halo level ‘Blood Gulch’ with Luke starting at the Blue Base with a sand speeder for the vehicle. Master Chief spawns at the Red Base with a Ghost.

Personal Bias: I was really into the first Halo, less into Halo 2, and only played Halo 3 once and nothing after that. My knowledge is a little dated. I adore Star Wars episodes IV through VI, naturally. ‘The Revenge of the Sith’ was okay are far as the prequels go and I loved ‘The Force Awakens.’

Fight! The Master Chief starts off reconning the base making sure there are no other weapons to be collected. There aren’t. He puts up the sword opting for the rifle and boards the Ghost, heading for the center of the map. He finds no one. He proceeds to the Blue Base to discover the speeder is gone. The Chief patrols around the perimeter of the map and spies Luke dismounting the speeder and taking off on foot into the caves. The Master Chief opens fire.

Luke hears the buzz of the Ghost and activates his lightsaber. With four defensive swings he deflects the laser blasts of the Ghost, returning them to the sender. The Ghost takes critical damage and Master Chief leaps off the vehicle taking damage to his shields. He rolls in a crouching position, rifle drawn. Luke is already inside the caves.

Master Chief boards the deserted speeder, refusing to play Luke’s game. He zooms to the only other exit from the cave and dismounts. Drawing the energy sword, he makes his way through the cave.

Out of nowhere Luke pounces from the dark corner and sword and saber connect. The blow knocks the blade out of Master Chief’s hand. The Chief takes a swing at Luke, narrowly missing him and hitting the stone wall above. The force of the blow is so powerful that the wall collapses. Fragments of stone come down, crushing the light saber, and dust fills the air. Master Chief can barely see when a boulder flies into his helmet. Stones come from all directions as Luke commands the Force. Master Chief’s shields go down, but not before he lights the room with artillery fire. Unable to deflect the bullets, Luke finds cover further down the cave. He spies the energy sword.

Click click goes the rifle prompting the Chief to reload. That’s when he sees the dust reflect the blue light of his coming demise as Luke drives the Covenant energy sword through the Chief’s armor.

Results: Luke Skywalker is victorious with minimal injuries from the wall collapse. He is, however, in the market for a new lightsaber.