The last issue the Fantastic Four had brought the kids back to beginning of time as we know it to observe the big bang. Clearly this is a safe idea and even more safe when they find a floating object out in the reaches of space which just happens to be Blastaar. A Blastaar in the far flung future had been sent back to the beginning of time to be destroyed by the big bang and our heroes accidentally set him free on their ship. Chaos ensued and the ship was nearly destroyed as Blastaar and Thing exchanged blows. At the very end if the issue Franklin saved them all by using his powers to send them somewhere.

It ended up not being somewhere but some-when. Franklin had sent them all to the very end of time to the people who had sent Blastaar back to them in the first place. They discover that these are a very advanced set of scientists that are the last of their species. They had gathered together to watch The Big Crunch (or the end of the universe for the rest of us.)

The end isn’t happening right away so they agree to help the Fantastic Four re-create their ship so that they may return home. While they don’t apparently know much of the four themselves they do know quite a bit about an older Franklin and apparently everyone that knows anything about science knows who Valeria is.

Having their ship returned to fully working order though isn’t enough for this issue as two things also happen. First off both Thing and Johnny find out that they are slowly falling apart and that their powers are degenerating and second is the matter of Blastaar.

What I feel is truly a skimming point in the issue is that the degenerating powers are brought up at all. Here you are in the far flung future surrounded by the apparent greatest scientists of all time and you don’t find a way for them to help cure this problem. Good job. Really. I wasn’t annoyed by that at all.

Plot over site aside Mr. Fantastic does insist that Blastaar be remanded into their custody and that they deal with the problem. When they are denied they use a ton of subterfuge and the fact that Thing has his 24 hours of being his normal human Ben form again kick in and swap him with Blastaar and ue a transportation device to rescue him. As the Fantastic Family leave they dump Blastaar into the Negative Zone and call it a day as they travel back to apparent regular time as Ben requested to spend the rest of his day as a normal human at home.

Now is Ben going to get his wish? Are we going to see what the FF have been up to while the Fantastic Four have been gone with crazy future Johnny there as well? Or will things go horribly wrong and will Marvel’s first family end up somewhere (or again some-when) else entirely?

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Mark Bagley