Batman blindfolds Catwoman and takes her to the Batcave, where he reveals that since the Crime Syndicate has shut down all computers, the Batmobiles are useless.  He also takes responsibility for Nightwing’s current predicament.  He reveals his fail safes for stopping the Justice League and hopes he can use them against the Crime Syndicate, but as we know, that’s going to go horribly, especially trying to use Lex Luthor’s Kryptonite ring against Ultraman.

Speaking of Luthor, his Legion of Doom is coming together as he revives Black Adam, who was beaten to hell and back by Ultraman.  Captain Cold manages to recreate his cold gun.

Meanwhile the Syndicate’s cracks continue to grow as they turn on one another and Power Ring unravels.  The off-kilter villain takes on both the Legion of Doom and Batman and Catwoman, before another player enters the equation.

This really is the best crossover event DC’s done in YEARS!  I’m completely satisfied after every issue.  David Finch’s art absolutely perfect with it’s rough, gritty style.

I know Geoff Johns grew up as a massive Super Friends fan and that’s showing here, as Luthor essentially recreates the Legion of Doom and I also feel that he’s channeling the fan-favorite episode ‘Universe of Evil’ featuring dark, villainous versions of the Justice League.

There’s not a lot more to say.  Very few comics came out this week, but at least one was so completely satisfying, that it’s better than if I’d bought twelve books that were just okay.



Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils and Cover by David Finch