noomi repace prometheus

Despite recent rumors that both Michael Fassbender’s David and Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw (the only surviving crew members from ‘Prometheus’) would be making appearances in the ‘Prometheus’ sequel and newest entry in the ‘Alien’ franchise, ‘Alien: Covenant,’ it is now being reported that Rapace is out of the script, though we have very few details as to why this is now the case. Rapace has made it very clear recently that she would be interested in returning to the franchise, and with her character’s survival from the last film it would make sense to keep her around for continuity’s sake. However, it seems director Ridley Scott has other ideas in mind, and he is not the least bit concerned about casting aside Rapace’s character to accomplish what he wants to do in ‘Alien: Covenant.’

And to be fair, Ridley Scott has all the right in the world to do whatever he wants with these films. While ‘Prometheus’ may not have received universal acclaim, it did spawn a cult following, which only added to the number of hits Scott has produced over the years, from the original ‘Alien’ to ‘Blade Runner’ to ‘Gladiator,’ the man is prolific, and his movie-making instincts cannot be denied.  As a very confident Scott recently told ‘The Guardian’:

“You prove how reliable you are. Which I am, I always have been – it’s part of my thing … You want big films and stories to keep people going to the cinema. It’s up to us to keep the bar raised. That’s the trick. I’ve always done that. “

So while it is unfortunate for Rapace to be out of the franchise, fans can rest assured that Scott has a reason for what he is doing (apparently), and he does seem to be very excited for this project. What are your thoughts on the newest change leaked to the public about ‘Alien: Covenant?’ Are you as confident in Scott’s abilities nowadays as he is? Share your opinions below!

Source: Screen Rant