You can’t keep a good villain down as Jada Pinkett Smith is going to reprise her role as Fish Mooney later in the second season of ‘Gotham‘!

With the glut of new villains who have been introduced in the show so far, you would think that bringing back one who was presumed dead wouldn’t be high on the list. You would think wrong! Maybe the “Rise of the Villains” isn’t just from introducing so many villains but possibly even bringing one back to life?

While I doubt the “Wrath of the Villains” story arc that is kicking in to introduce Nathan Darrow’s Mr. Freeze and B.D. Wong’s Hugo Strange will also introduce Ra’s Al Ghul to bring Mooney back, you never know. All we know at this time that she has signed on to reprise her role in multiple episodes. Of course, it could also be from the experiments of Hugo Strange that has Smith’s character still drawing breath.

While The Penguin appeared to kill her off in the Season 1 finale, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t able to survive the ordeal. She has always been a tough cookie since being introduced and her will to survive may have been just enough to get her through. An alternative theory is that her return is temporary in the form of a flashback or hallucination.

When showrunner Bruno Heller spoke of deaths last year he had previously stated that “I would definitely not assume anything in a town like Gotham. It’s very unpredictable, the comic book world.”

What are your thoughts on Fish Mooney once again trying to take over the streets of Gotham? Do you feel that bringing her back to life would lesson the impact of any future deaths on the series? Share your thoughts below!

‘Gotham’ will return to Fox on February 29th!

Source: Screen Rant