Star Wars The Force Awakens Maz Kanata castle

As soon as ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ finally hit theaters last month, it was analyzed to all hell. But in this close examination, the audience discovered a number of fun cameos throughout the movie. Though Admiral Ackbar was definitely a hit among long-time fans, the most memorable had to be Daniel Craig as the stormtrooper that fell victim to Rey’s jedi mind trick. But on top of James Bond’s appearance in a galaxy far, far away, there were a number of others hidden all over J.J. Abrams’ latest project. And just when you think that they’ve all been uncovered, even more have just been revealed. 

Earlier this week, ‘Episode VII’ supervising sound editor Matthew Wood posted a special guest post on outlining the actors that contributed additional voices to the record-breaking blockbuster. Previously, in addition to Craig, we knew that the likes of Simon Pegg, Warwick Davis, and composer Michael Giacchino were among those physically appearing in the movie. Now thanks to this new list, we learned that a number of superstars in the world voice-over like Dee Bradley Baker (‘American Dad!’, ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’), Fred Tatasciore (‘Avengers Assemble’, ‘Naruto’), and Tom Kane (‘Power Puff Girls’,’The Wild Thornberrys’) provided their talents to fill the gaps in ‘The Force Awakens’. However, one name in particular stood out as odd. Apparently, filmmaker Kevin Smith also lent his voice to a character as well. (I mean, maybe this was Abrams’ way of apologizing for stealing Smith’s thunder at San Diego Comic Con last year.)

The fan favorite indie filmmaker has his hands in a number of different projects right now. When he’s not working on his multiple podcasts, his various speaking engagements, and own films like ‘Yoga Hosers’, ‘Clerks III’, or ‘Mallbrats’, Kevin Smith has been hovering around DC Entertainment projects as he recently hosted the ‘Justice League’ special on The CW with Geoff Johns and he’s preparing to direct an upcoming episode of ‘The Flash’. But in addition to being a part of his View Askewniverse and the DC Universe, Smith is now a part of the ‘Star Wars’ universe. During the attack on Maz Kanata’s castle, the director’s voice can be heard from a stormtrooper saying, “We have incoming at 28.6! Move!” Probably not as important as any of Silent Bob’s vocal moments, but that’s still pretty cool nonetheless, especially for someone like Smith who has been a fan all of his life. 

Did you catch Kevin Smith’s line in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’? Will you keep your ears open during your inevitable next viewing? And how would you feel if you got to voice a character in a ‘Star Wars’ movie? Sound off in the comments.