Over the past few months, my radar has mostly been filled with the major studio releases like ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, ‘Prometheus’, and the moneymaking machine known as ‘The Avengers’. However, there are still some smaller films that fall under the jurisdiction of ScienceFiction.com being made, and the British fantasy thriller called ‘Fare’ is one of them.

From director PJ Harling, ‘Fare’ stars Christian Cooke and Mamie McCoy. The film tells the story of Dominic, an arrogant, cutthroat banker who has a fat bonus to spend all over London. After failing to score a cab for a long time, he is finally picked up by the cab of the beautiful and mysterious Charon, who takes Dominic on a “surreal, supernatural rollercoaster ride [to] confront his misdemeanors”.

This movie is currently in production across the pond, and, thanks to Bleeding Cool, there are some stills floating around the web and a bit of concept art from Marvel illustrator Jon Howard.

Here’s a full synopsis of this film that BC calls “a mystical-sounding horror fantasy joint with echoes of Neil Gaiman”:

“Arrogant city boy Dominic is out squandering his bonus when he is ejected from a bar. Suffering from the night’s excesses and raging against the ‘little people’ that stand in his way, he attempts to hail a taxi to take him south of the river. He has little luck until a cab driven by the beautiful and mysterious Charon appears. A surreal, supernatural rollercoaster ride through the capital ensues, during which Charon forces Dominic to confront his misdemeanors. Locked in and desperate for escape, Dominic is driven to the stygian river Thames, where he submits to paying the ‘Ferryman’s fare’.”

I haven’t been able to find a set date for release, but that’s probably because they’re still looking for money to cover production costs. If this sounds like something you want to see make it to theaters and you feel like being generous, head on over to their Film Interactor page to donate.