Robbie Amell The Flash

Potential ‘The Flash’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

It seems that not only is Robbie Amell coming back to ‘The Flash,’ but he is coming back with a vengeance. According to comments the actor made during a panel at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey recently, the Earth-2 Robbie Amell aka Deathstorm will not only be appearing in an upcoming episode of the the hit CW show, but will also be responsible for a major death on the show. In his own words:

“In episode 13, so in a couple weeks, you’ll see me as Deathstorm, and Caitlin as Killer Frost. So I get to come back, and I kill a series regular. So there’s that, I’m probably going to get in trouble for saying that.”

Of course, the callousness with which Amell released the information instantly arouses my suspicions, because with the whole multi-verse and time-travel plot lines on ‘The Flash,’ Amell’s character could easily kill anyone on the show, and then they could be brought back to life in one way or another. But if he does actually get to kill a series regular for real, that would be something very interesting. The episode in question supposedly has team Flash heading Over There (sometimes I really miss ‘Fringe’) aka Earth-2, and encountering both Amell’s Deathstorm and his partner, Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost, both of whom fans are guessing are in league with the season’s big bad, Zoom. Who actually “dies” will be dependent on who makes the trip to Earth-2 of course, unless Frost and Deathstorm follow the group back to Earth-1 and make the kill there. Of course, if they kill say Earth-1 Caitlin Snow, they could have their cake and eat it too, as Caitlin from Earth-2 could replace her Earth-1 counterpart and be a kind of spy for Zoom and Deathstorm on Team Flash.

What are your thoughts on Deathstorm making a lasting impact on ‘The Flash’ by permanently killing a series regular? Do you think it will actually stick, or just be another death “stunt” that can be fixed later? (as was the case with Ronnie Raymond’s “death”) Share your opinions and theories in the comments below!

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