DC went all out this week when they aired their special on the CW, ‘Dawn of the Justice League,’ and fans and critics alike were very interested to see the parts of the special pertaining to the new cinematic Flash we will be seeing in the upcoming movies, portrayed by Ezra Miller. Longtime fans of the CW ‘The Flash’ series have long complained that DC was not using Grant Gustin for the cinematic movies, as he is beloved in the title role of the ‘The Flash’ and plays the part perfectly. However, the special does show us some clues as to how the Flash is going to be portrayed in the movie universe, and the writers definitely seem to be taking some cues from the TV show. Barry will still be a forensic scientist intent on clearing his father’s name for the murder of his mother, and will still be struck by lightning to give him his powers (of course, this is his origin from the comic as well). As far as his powers and how he will be portrayed, Star Ezra Miller described the character as follows:

“He’s been struck by lightning, that’s the mythos, but he’s a human. He can run through walls, he can run across water, he can run so fast that he can move into another plane of frequency where there’s another reality.”

That was followed by comments by DC Entertainment COO Geoff Johns stating:

“The thing about the Flash is, the past isn’t just a thing he can think about, it’s an actual place he can visit.”

So it seems the movie will definitely be using a lot more of Barry’s more unique powers (which they can do based on the budgets), and also playing up the time-travel angle a lot, which will definitely make for some fun moments in the movies. Check out the full section of the DC special concerning the Flash below, and then share your opinion of the big-screen version of the character in the comments below!