Is the Justice League headed back to the world of TV animation?  It looks like it!  Since ‘Young Justice’ went off the air, DC’s flagship hero team has been noticeably absent from air waves, even though their parent company, Warner Brothers owns its own channel dedicated to animated programming the Cartoon Network.  But with WB placing more emphasis on building the DC brand with live action movies, it makes sense to further drive awareness with the elementary school crowd.

Cartoon Network already airs the divisive ‘Teen Titans Go!’ but that frantic comedy series hardly reflects the DC Universe as a whole.  But a recently leaked photo may point to a series that appears to be called simply ‘JLA’ coming soon.

Check out the photo below:

These posters show several cartoons based on properties that belong to Warner Brothers including ‘Teen Titans Go!’ and ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ which currently air, as well as ‘Wabbit.’ and ‘Be Cool Scooby-Doo’ which have already received official announcements.

The ‘JLA’ poster is simply blue with white silhouettes of the various heroes from the comics.  You may have to blow it up (click below):

…but the roster includes: Superman; a sword and shield wielding Wonder Woman; Batman; another fellow in a cape (Martian Manhunter?  Dr. Fate?  It’s almost impossible to tell); Zatanna; Firestorm; The Flash; another woman, possibly The Huntress or Dr. Light, judging by the “ears” on her head which could be Huntress’ pointy mask or Dr. Light’s headdress; maybe Cyborg; Hawkgirl/woman; and Shazam.  There are also a few characters around the edges that can’t be identified, but I imagine a Green Lantern and Aquaman are in the mix.

In the comics, the League has had almost every DC super hero as a member at some point, especially those that had their own short-lived series like Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Black Condor and The Ray, just to name a few.  The dearly recalled ‘Justice League Unlimited’ followed suit, bringing in dozens of heroes, many quite obscure and who’d never been animated before.  ‘Young Justice’ also featured a pretty sizable League.

A New 52-inspired Justice League has been featured in several direct-to-video movies, including a line of CG LEGO movies.

Are you anxious to see a new ‘Justice League’ series?  What approach would you like to see taken?