Before we get into this, let’s just go ahead and say that there will probably be SPOILERS for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ in this article. You have been warned! (But let’s be honest: You’ve seen it at least twice by now, right?)

Judging by all the records it has been breaking, fans have been loving ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ enough to see it multiple times in multiple formats. Although, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who dies a little inside during each viewing when Kylo Ren turns on his lightsaber and sends the blade through Han Solo’s chest. But despite being dead at the hands of his own son, it won’t be the last time that we see the legendary smuggler and intergalactic hero thanks to the upcoming ‘Star Wars Anthology’ film directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord of ‘The Lego Movie’ and written by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan. However, many have been wondering at what point in his life we’ll be catching up with Harrison Ford’s iconic character. It has to be pretty early in his life considering that they’re looking for younger actors to step into Solo’s boots, so does that mean that we’ll go all the way back to the beginning of his life? Well, not exactly.

While speaking to the Empire Film Podcast, Lawrence Kasdan shed some light on his potentially final contribution to the ‘Star Wars’ universe that features his favorite character from the franchise. Though he hints that it won’t exactly be an origin story, it does sound like that we’ll be getting the early years of Han Solo in 2018:

“It will not be, ‘Here’s where he was born and this is how he was raised.’ I think what it will be is what was he like 10 years earlier—maybe a little earlier, you’ll get a glimpse. But what formed the person we meet in the cantina? It’s not so much about his specific history. It’s about what makes a person like that. He’s not fully formed in the cantina. Kurosawa once said the heroes are the ones that are still changing and the villains are locked and petrified into what they are, and Harrison embodies in ‘Force Awakens’ someone who is still not settled on who he is.”

I’m definitely on board with what Kasdan has to say about the movie, but I hope that there’s one particular moment in Han Solo’s history that they do explore even though they may not be focusing on specifics. When this movie finally makes it to the big screen, I really want to see the Millennium Falcon make the Kessel Run as it seems to be an integral part of Han’s formative years. After all, he’s still talking about it over 40 years later in ‘The Force Awakens’, isn’t he? That clearly meant something to him, especially since people are constantly remembering it wrong. But how funny would it be if Solo was actually the one remembering wrong and it was actually 14 parsecs instead of 12? Either way, that’s something that I want to see in this movie dammit! 

What do you want to see in the ‘Star Wars Anthology’ film featuring Han Solo? What do you think of Lawrence Kasdan’s description of the story? Let us know in the comments.