At a press conference in Sandusky, Ohio today, Marvel Studios officials announced some details regarding filming at the high security NASA facility at Plum Brook as reported by The Plain Dealer.

‘The Avengers’ will be using a futuristic looking giant vacuum chamber at the rarely publicly viewed 6,400 acre Space Power Facility. Producer Jeremy Latcham said they were wrapping up a weeks worth of filming at the facility today and that the production would move to new locations on Monday in Cleveland. The scenes filmed at NASA included actor Jeremy Renner (as “Hawkeye”) and Samuel L. Jackson (reprising his role as “Nick Fury”) and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents cooperating with NASA officials. The article also mentioned transforming East Ninth Street (in Cleveland) “into a superhero war zone in preparation for the filming downtown.”

Additional reports at put the filming of a climactic street battle scene next week in Cleveland.

‘The Avengers’ film crew will film a series of exploding fireballs at the former Chevrolet Powertrain building Aug. 18 and 19. The explosions, with fireballs that will reach 30 feet into the air, are part of the filming sequence of battles that will begin in Cleveland on Monday.

Text explosions will be performed on Thursday with the actual filming taking place on Friday, Aug. 19. The building is on Chevrolet Road midway, Snow Road and Brook Park Road. “Our administration has been working on this endeavor for several days,” said Parma Mayor Dean DePiero in a news release. “We are pleased and excited it came together. It’s not every day Hollywood comes to Parma.”

Parma City Council will meet Monday and is expected to approve the pryotechnics. “The Avengers” crew members will alert residents and buisinesses in the area before the explosions begin. The exact time of the explosions will be determined on site Friday by the crew and will be some time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Aug. 19.”

Written and directed by fan favorite Joss Whedon (‘Firefly’, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’), ‘The Avengers’ stars Robert Downey Jr. (“Iron Man”), Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”), Chris Evans (“Captain America”), Scarlett Johansson (“Black Widow”), Mark Ruffalo (“Bruce Banner”) Jeremy Renner (“Hawkeye”) and Samuel L. Jackson (“Nick Fury”). The film is scheduled to hit theaters on May 4, 2012.