RUMOR ALERT: This information comes from an anonymous source who purports to have seen a “test screening” of ‘Batman V Superman’, so take this all with a grain of salt.  Like… lots of ’em.  Also, sometimes (if they are true) “test screenings” vary from the final version of a film, if audiences react strongly enough toward certain elements.  So things could change.

We knew that ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ was just step one (two?) of Warner Brother’s plan to construct a shared universe based on DC Comics’ heroes.  Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) has a large role and by most accounts Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) have been rumored to appear in briefer cameos.  (The latest being, they’d be part of a ‘Watchmen’-style montage.)  One of DC’s biggest stars has been left out of most discussions, that being Green Lantern.  Besides Superman and Batman, GL has been the only major DC hero to actually appear in a live action movie, 2011’s Martin Campbell-directed, Ryan Reynolds-starring dud.

Warner Brothers did announce that they would revisit the ‘Green Lantern’ concept in 2020’s ‘Green Lantern Corps’.  Unlike the first film, which is NOT part of the unfolding shared universe, this take would not focus on only one lead, but rather a pair of Earth men chosen to act as cosmic policemen, with the possibility that this would play out as “Lethal Weapon In Space.”

Considering that ‘Green Lantern Corps’ is so far off, and there has been no mention of any Green Lantern appearing in 2017’s ‘Justice League – Part 1’, most figured that was all something to visit another day.  But now that some have (ALLEGEDLY) seen ‘Batman V Superman’ some are saying that Green Lantern does in fact appear!

Dan Amboyer – Seriously, the only pics I can find of this guy are his weight lifting Instagram shots.

The Green Lantern in question is Hal Jordan a.k.a. the white one a.k.a. the one Ryan Reynolds played.  This time, however, he is played by British actor Dan Amboyer, star of the new TV series ‘Younger’, who also appeared in a small role in the Christmas movie ‘Love The Coopers’ and once played Prince William in a made-for-TV movie ‘William & Catherine: A Royal Romance’.

Reportedly, this character appears as a pilot who fights on the side of Superman at one point in the film.  He is, according to conflicting reports, billed as simply “Drone Pilot” or as “Lt. Christie.”  Neither name in any way supports the fact that this is in any way Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.

Get ready.

Here it comes.

Salt ready?!

Except according to this “anonymous source” he actually appears AS Green Lantern in the third act of the film!  And he’s not alone!

No!  Supposedly, he comes zipping onto the scene with The Flash, played by Ezra Miller!  And they already know one another!  And, somehow– perhaps in a bit of dialogue– Hal Jordan reveals that he’s not the only Green Lantern, thus setting the stage for the ‘Corps’ in 2020.

Dan Amboyer – This is not gratuitous.  It is entirely relevant to this article.

Still with me?

Okay to be fair, there has been some buzz around Amboyer.  The formerly lean actor, who is quite active on Instagram, was cast in ‘Batman V Superman’ in a seemingly throwaway bit part, but then suddenly became obsessed with weight lifting and posting his progress online.  Sure, maybe he just caught the fitness bug.  Could be a coincidence.  Or it could be more.

Green Lantern being left out of the assortment of heroes making appearances in this film is a bit glaring.  But I was willing to buy into the idea that Warner Brothers was still stinging from the 2011 flop and was giving the property a little more time to fade from memory.

It’s one thing to make a vague reference to Hal Jordan or to feature a dashing pilot and make fans wonder, “Is that…?”

But the last part– that Amboyer appears in full-blown Green Lantern regalia alongside The Flash… nope.  Too far.

For one thing, ‘Batman V Superman’ costume designer Michael Wilkinson flat out said that he didn’t get to design a costume for Ezra Miller’s The Flash.  And for another thing, it was earlier rumored that Miller filmed a cameo as civilian Barry Allen but that it had been cut.  There have previously been NO rumors about him appearing in full costume.

And likewise, there have been no existing rumors of Green Lantern appearing at all!

So, feel free to believe or not believe this scoop.  I don’t.  But hey, a “source” who saw a “test screening” says it’s true, so who am I to argue with those credentials?

Would you like for Green Lantern to appear in ‘Batman V Superman’?  Do you think Dan Amboyer makes a good Hal Jordan?

Source: Screen Rant