British comedian Matt Lucas, who is probably most recognizable to U.S. audiences for his supporting role in ‘Bridesmaids’ as Rebel Wilson’s brother, plays an important part in the upcoming ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special as Nardole.  He once again has a familial connection to a major character, in this case River Song (Alex Kingston).  Call him River Son?  Yes, he is the son of The Doctor’s wife and plays a pivotal role in the episode entitled “The Husbands of River Song” by locating “the Surgeon” and bringing him to his mother, who The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) recognizes but who doesn’t recognize him in return.

That all leads into the hijinks of this year’s holiday episode.  The special airs, appropriately enough, on Christmas Day.  After the rather glum past season, this should be a welcome dose of lighter Doctor exploits.  And fans should be quite happy with the return of the flirty River Song.  But her flirtatious nature may be the source of conflict here.

But we’re not going to spoil things.

Here are two clips from the beginning of “The Husbands of River Song’ to get you into the holiday spirit.  The clips help to set things up, but don’t ruin any of the fun left to be had in the rest of the episode:

Are you ready to deck the TARDIS?

Once you’re finished with the family festivities, turn in to BBC One or BBC America for this special Yuletide celebration that’s a little different from the typical.

Will you be getting a LEGO Doctor Who set this year?  Or action figures?

Source: BBC