For those who have seen ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ you already know that there are a lot of callbacks and Easter Eggs spread throughout the film and we’ve got a great behind the scenes video showing how one of them were created. That being said, as it is still the first week of release this could be a potential spoiler so I’ll give you a quick moment to turn back close the window in case you haven’t had been able to get to the theater and want to be fully surprised by every moment in it.

Even with the film having shattered box office records we know that not everyone has has a chance to check it out yet.

While not a major spoiler to the plot it could spoil one of the heart warming Easter Eggs that Abrams and crew did include in the film.

Still with me? Good, skip past our spoiler blocking image and scroll down to read more!

The video below focusses on the Dejarik holochess game that Chewbacca and C-3PO were playing in ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’. Finn accidentally starts it up and we have the imagery of how it was created for the film. It also includes the bonus tidbit of information that when the game starts up by Finn brushing against it that we’re seeing it pick up immediately from the spot that C-3PO and Chewy left it off at.

Seems like playing that game against Wookies isn’t much of anyone’s idea of a good time.

Below you’ll see Adam Savage visiting Tippett Studio to see how Phil Tippett and his crew brought this stop-motion animation to life for the film.

Now that was a perfect video for any of the lovers for behind-the-scenes work or ‘Star Wars’ fans in general.

Are you glad to see that Abrams insisted on using practical effects like these as much as possible? Were you surprised that the game picked up from the exact spot they left off at 30 years ago? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book Movie