All summer long, ‘Arrow’ and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’ star Stephen Amell feuded with WWE Superstar Stardust. The interactions between the two online and in person at Monday Night Raw ultimately pushed the actor to step into the squared circle to team with Neville for a tag team match against the Interdimensional Oddity and King Barrett in a tag team match at WWE Summerslam in August. It was a moment that members of the WWE Universe wouldn’t soon forget thanks to the Emerald Archer’s high-flying antics. That’s why Amell was awarded the Celebrity Moment of the Year when the company’s annual Slammy Awards rolled around this Monday. However, a certain face-painted foe wasn’t too happy and did something about it. 

When this week’s edition of the longest running episodic television show in history emanated live from Minneapolis, a who’s who of World Wrestling Entertainment today gathered to find out who would be named Superstar of the Year, Diva of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, and more. Unfortunately, one person that could not attend the event to accept his golden statue was Stephen Amell. Due to his absence, Stardust saw the perfect opportunity to swoop in and take the Slammy for himself:

Though it may look like the villain has triumphed, Amell isn’t going quietly into the night. The actor took a break from his vacation to issue a warning on social media to his eccentric nemesis that may hint at a return to the WWE in the near future:

Despite facing some criticism for his match, the general consensus was that Amell played his part in the WWE’s biggest event of the summer very well and a return to the ring would be imminent in the future. With the Royal Rumble coming up next month, it’s possible that he could enter the match to determine the Wrestlemania opponent for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and confront Stardust in Orlando to regain what is rightfully his.

Do you think that Stephen Amell will return to the WWE soon to reclaim his Slammy Award from Stardust? And could you see it happening at the Royal Rumble? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section.