Disney is going full Force (pun definitely intended) with their ‘Star Wars’ franchise, which kicks off with this weekend’s ‘The Force Awakens’, Episode Seven of the classic movie series.  But it certainly doesn’t stop there.  Next winter sees the release of ‘Rogue One’ the first Anthology film, a cinematic first– a movie set within the ‘Star Wars’ universe that is not directly part of the central storyline.  And following that?

Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who helmed the crowd pleasing ‘The LEGO Movie’ are due to bring a Han Solo origin film to theaters on May 25, 2018.  The pair are currently screening hopefuls to take on the role of the young scoundrel who is, arguably, the most engaging and charismatic character from the original movie trilogy.

Fans may wonder what role, if any, Harrison Ford, the original Han, will play in this film.  The acclaimed actor returns in ‘The Force Awakens’ to the role that made him famous.  Of the original cast members, he went on to the highest profile acting career and has racked up many more iconic roles in that time, not the least of which was another Lucasfilm creation, Indiana Jones.

The actor has been making the rounds to promote ‘The Force Awakens’ but has lived up to his crotchety old man reputation all along the way.  (Do NOT ask him if Han or Greedo shot first!)  Obviously, though, fans want to know what his involvement will be in the Han Solo movie.

“As far as the movie featuring a young Han Solo. I…(laughs) I don’t know what to think about that. I’m glad that somebody else is is going to have the burden of being young. It’s well beyond my understanding or control and I personally want nothing to do with it, in the nicest possible way. I know it will be well done and well guided. And, um, it’s nothing to do with me.”

Let’s be honest, Ford is actually playing nice here.  He’s made no secret that he really wants nothing to do with ‘Star Wars’ in general anymore.  We’re lucky he said yes to ‘The Force Awakens’, much less the circus of a promotional tour.

Let’s face it, he’s not this stud anymore:

Now the question becomes, what young whippersnapper can possibly succeed Ford as the most charming rogue in the galaxy?

Source: Blastr