Dark Horse Comics have had a run away hit on their hands with the horror themed ‘Harrow County‘ and it has done so well that Syfy has optioned it to be a live action television series on the network. Further pushing forward on their promise to deliver high quality science fiction, fantasy, and horror once again, this seems like a series that could be a major winner for the network. High praise, a strong concept, an ongoing comic adaptation, something that could be pushed to television with minimal need of special effects for the majority of the series – this seems to check every box that a network would want for a new pickup. Fans of the comic that Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook have created should be thrilled about this opportunity.

There aren’t a lot of details on who will be working on it quite yet but we do know that it is being brought to the network by Becky Kirsch (‘Twelve Monkeys’,’Dominion’) who has had quite a bit of experience with Syfy. Here’s hoping she can do it justice.

In ‘Harrow County’ we follow Emmy who is a young girl that lives on the farm with her father. Life is normal aside from a darkened husk of a tree that is in the back of their land. What we learn from the start and Emmy soon after is that an extremely powerful witch was killed at that tree and Emmy is a reincarnation of this former horror. While she may have the witch’s look and potentially her powers she is her own woman and we’re still waiting to see if as she embraces her new skills if she’ll end up like her older self or be able to maintain her own individuality.

Yes, we do know that Syfy can sometimes be hit or miss on their new shows that they release and while ‘Harrow County’ does have witchcraft the special effects that would be needed aren’t going to be on every scene and should help with production costs. Where we need the CGI or practical effects they’ll have the budget to pull it off.

This is one of my favorite new comics from the past year and I’m eagerly looking forward to how Syfy adapts it.

Are you going to be checking on ‘Harrow County’ when its released? Do you think Syfy will be able to pull it off? Share your thoughts below!

Source: io9