This week’s episode begins with Henry and Will discussing the state of the Sanctuary and how Magnus has gone to meet with the Sanctuary’s new ‘guy,’ Richard Feliz, in Mozambique. Will tells Henry that Feliz lives on his airplane, gives a set of coordinates 24 hours in advance of a meeting and expects you to be there.

The scene changes to where Magnus is sitting in an airport lounge, reading a magazine and being hit on by a fellow traveler, who introduces himself as Brad Sylvester. She brushes him off, and then turns and meets a Canadian Press photographer. A Russian man walks over talking on a phone about cage fighting. He gives Magnus and the woman at the table adjacent to her, a scientist named Charlotte Benoit, cage fighting tickets. Charlotte mentions she’s been studying Lemurs and she and Magnus have a moment of bonding over science, just before a prop plane lands and a group of three people get out, shoot the ground crew and enter the building where the staff inside has already pointed guns at everyone. The leader enters, Magnus demands to know what’s going on, and he tells her they’re there to rob everyone.

Back at the Sanctuary, Abby has come to meet Will for lunch to celebrate her new promotion. She tells him about her new office and he tells her he loves her for being so much more exited about her new office than her pay raise. It takes her a moment to realize what he’s said, and when she asks him about it, he steers the conversation away. They enter a room where Will has set up for their celebratory lunch, and then we go back to the airport lounge where everyone is being searched. The girl on the team finds Magnus’ gun and knife, and Magnus takes a swing at her. When the girl comes back up, she pulls her gun on Magnus and the leader has to calm them all down.

He demands account numbers from everyone in the room, telling them he’ll shoot them if they can’t remember, and when the photographer says he only makes $50,000 a year, the leader of the group shoots him without a word. Sylvester gives up his numbers, but Benoit can’t remember hers with a gun in her face. Magnus calls his attention over to her and gives him her numbers. Turns out she’s given them a set of numbers with only a little over $200 to pull from. Out of nowhere, Sylvester pulls a gun and empties about half a clip into the leader, then takes off. The man working the computer transfers leaps out from behind the counter and starts using x-ray vision on the walls to track him, and the woman comes up beside him. He points to a spot on the wall and she screams, sending a sonic blast through the walls to knock Sylvester unconscious. Magnus is surprised to find that they are all abnormals and makes a comment to that end, only to be answered by the leader of the group who stands up and plucks the bullets from his chest.

The leader makes a comment about being former government employees, and Magnus deduces that they are a former black ops team. He tells her that they were let go a couple of months back and Magnus realizes that there is no way the government would have just let them go…the government had tried to kill them. The leader of the group sends two of his men off to find any hidden planes, and Magnus figures out that they are there to take Feliz for all he has.

Back at the Sanctuary, Will and Abby are interrupted by their phones ringing. She says she’s been called back to work for an emergency budget meeting, and he has been called away to capture an escaped Stenopelhabilis. Back in Mozambique, the two men sent off to find a hidden plane have arrived at a hangar. They open the door to find a sleek grey jet and approach it, only to find themselves being fired upon by its automated defenses.

Inside the airport lounge, Magnus manages to wake up Sylvester, only to have the girl from the team of abnormals break them all up at gunpoint. Magnus pulls one of her moves and strips the gun from the girl, then points it at the man with the x-ray vision. Magnus orders them all into the office, locks them in, and rounds everyone up to make a break for her plane. Back in the hangar, the pair of men employ a handheld EMP device to disable the jet’s defenses. As Magnus and the other hostages are making a run for it, the hangar explodes, sending everyone flying backward. When the rest of the group comes to, Magnus is gone, and the abnormals are cruising up in a Jeep to bring them back to the lounge.

At the Sanctuary, Will and Henry are loading up for a Stenopelohabilis hunt. Apparently another had been found and the Sanctuary had been breeding them to try and maintain their species, meanwhile, back in Mozambique, the hostages are all sat back into the chairs. He demands that the hostages tell him about Magnus. While he tries to drag that out of them, Magnus breaks into the control tower to call for help. The group of abnormals intercept the call and she chastises them for blowing up her plane. She tells them that if they let everyone go, she’ll think about letting them live.

The scene zooms back to Old City where Henry and Will are scouring the sewers looking for the Steno. Instead, they find Abby who is also searching for the Steno as a part of the FBI’s new abnormal investigation unit. Abby’s partner comes racing in with a panicked voice as she is trying to explain the situation to Will. (Can we say, this guy just looks and sounds totally inept for this job?) He demands to know why Will and Henry are interfering with a federal investigation, and it descends into a testosterone contest. Abby has to break them up and they both go their separate ways.

Back on the tarmac, Magnus picks through the wreckage and finds the EMP device, taking it with her as she walks off into another area of the airport. In the lounge, they’ve been running a background check on Magnus and have just run one on Sylvester. They find out he’s a CIA operative and start to wonder what the other two are hiding, when Magnus uses the EMP device to knock out their computers. The abnormal with the x-ray vision searches and points out where Magnus is, and the woman on their team lets out a sonic blast that sends Magnus flying.

By the time she makes it over to where Magnus had been, Magnus is long gone and has only left the EMP behind. She’s off in a warehouse area, taking a minute to regroup. A few minutes later, the leader of the rogue group of abnormals emerges with Sylvester in tow. He’s been beaten up, as evidenced by the bruises on his face, and they take Charlotte into the back of the warehouse area next. The woman threatens Charlotte with a knife and Magnus steps in, puts the woman in a chokehold until she passes out, and then cuts Charlotte free. They go through the warehouse together and hatch a plan to end everything.

Back at the Sanctuary, Abby storms in and straight to Will’s office. She calls him out for calling in an anonymous tip as to the Steno’s location and, instead, they found a nest of Durango bats, the result of which has left her partner in the FBI’s medical clinic with hives. He admits to the setup but says it’s because he was worried for her and her safety. She takes offense, telling him he made them look like fools and that it was a personal offense, and then calls off their relationship. He doesn’t have long to lick his wounds because as Abby leaves, Henry is there with a location on the Steno.

The next act is back in Mozambique with Magnus and Charlotte putting their plan into action. In the lounge, an aircraft radios in just as they get the power back up, and the man in charge of the computers gives them landing vectors. The leader of their group and the woman with the sonic vocal chords are trying to track down Magnus and Charlotte. Magnus has rigged one of the sheds of fuel to go up in flames and the abnormals are caught in the explosion. Magnus and Charlotte make a big “X” out of fuel and set the runway on fire to ward off the incoming plane that they think has Feliz on board.

Meanwhile, in Old City, Will and Henry are in the sewers again. This time, the Steno finds them and attacks them, Henry gets knocked out, Abby comes in firing at the Steno and scares it away. She makes her partner, who is still sporting the swollen bites from the bats, help carry an unconscious Henry out of harm’s way as Feliz’s plane out in Mozambique pulls up and aborts their landing. They aren’t landing, but they also aren’t leaving.

As Magnus and Charlotte head back toward the control tower, Charlotte decides she can’t go on with this plan anymore because she has a secret: she is in possession of an incredibly deadly virus. This changes everything. Back in the lounge, the bad guys have found Charlotte’s case which, inside, is marked all over with biohazard symbols. Magnus and Charlotte walk in and surrender, trying to convince them not to take off with the case. It doesn’t work and they head for the plane.

In the sewers of Old City, Will is once again on the run from the Steno. This time, however, he’s armed Abby and her partner with stunners. They manage to subdue the Steno, and Abby’s partner nearly shoots Will in the process. She asks how Will knew the Steno would go after him like that, and he shows them to a pile of Steno slobber-covered Reeses’ Pieces. Abby’s partner confesses to leaving them behind and Will tells him that sugar is like cocaine to Stenos. Abby and Will seem to reconcile after capturing the Steno together.

Back in Mozambique, the prop plane takes off with the abnormal with the x-ray vision and the leader of the criminal group. Everyone follows the two out to watch plane take off…only to see it blow up as soon as it gains enough altitude in the unpressurized craft. Charlotte confesses that what was in the case was actually pure nitroglycerine, which explodes in an unpressurized aircraft. Sylvester asks where the real virus is, and Charlotte tells him that it is in her. She’s carrying a dormant form of the virus in her bloodstream. Their Russian friend comes down to hug them, and Magnus says that he knows he is actually Feliz. He laughs and tells her that the Sanctuary’s funding will be provided for, for a long time to come.

Charlotte and Magnus take a short walk, and Charlotte asks Magnus to stay behind for a couple of days to relax. Magnus starts to say that she is unable, but Charlotte silences her with a kiss. Magnus is surprised, but kisses her back.

If you missed last week’s episode, you can catch up with our ‘Sanctuary: Untouchable’ recap! Next week, Sanctuary returns with Nikola Tesla! Catch it on Friday, November 4th, at 10/9c!