Guy Pearce

The Valiant comic ‘Bloodshot‘ which stars Vin Diesel (‘Avengers: Infinity War’,’Furious 7′) in the leading role is pushing forward and one actor is trying to get in on it. Due to scheduling conflicts, we know that Michael Sheen (‘Masters of Sex,’ ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’) had to exit the film and now have learned that Guy Pearce (‘Iron Man 3′,’Prometheus’) is actively pursuing to replace him! Director Dave Wilson or his casting director will have a tough decision ahead of him with this kind of talent looking to join the cast of what could potentially be an ongoing franchise for Sony.

It isn’t clear at this time what role Michael Sheen was set to play in ‘Bloodshot’ that Guy Pearce would be taking over. One would have to expect that with the talent involved it would be a significant one. With Toby Kebbell looking to be playing the villainous Axe, it seems like this role is likely another villain who is part of Project Rising Spirit and the Harbinger characters which we’ll see Bloodshot going up against.

For those unfamiliar with Bloodshot, the character was created in 1992 and has had over 110 issues released at this point. He is an ex-soldier with no memory who has nanites in his blood which give him superhuman strength and a healing factor among quite a few other abilities. Having died, Bloodshot is brought back to life by Rising Spirit Technologies, and things don’t go well for him. He starts off on a quest to learn who he is which later evolves into so much more.

Would you love to see Guy Pearce play another comic book character in ‘Bloodshot’? Do you think this material will lend itself to better showing off his acting chops? Share your thoughts below!

Sony and Valiant hope to have ‘Bloodshot’ in theaters by February 21st, 2020.

Source: Deadline