The Pioneer book cover
Harper Collins

NBC is developing a series based on Bridget Tyler’s sci-fi novel ‘The Pioneer’, a family drama set on an alien planet.  Matt Nix is developing the series with Tyler.  They will co-write and act as executive producers.

‘The Pioneer’ was just published earlier this year, and here is the book’s synopsis:

When Jo steps onto planet Tau Ceti e for the first time, she’s ready to put the past behind her and begin again. After all, as a pioneer, she has the job of helping build a new home away from Earth.

But underneath the idyllic surface of their new home, there’s something very wrong. And when Jo accidentally uncovers a devastating secret that could destroy everything they’ve worked for, suddenly the future doesn’t seem so bright.

With the fate of the pioneers in her hands, Jo must decide how far she’s willing to go to expose the truth—before the truth destroys them all.


It sounds as though the premise of the book has been altered for the adaptation as Deadline offered a completely different-seeming concept.  They report that the show’s main character is named Alice Watson.  Her daughter’s name will be Joanna, which could be the basis for “Jo.”  In Deadline’s description, Alice arrives on their new planet home following the death of her son.  Alice and Joanna must help their colony survive, which does sound similar to the book.

The TV series hails from Temple Hill and 20th Century Fox TV.  Nix has an overall development deal with Fox.

Nix previously created, executive produced, and acted as showrunner of FOX’s ‘X-Men’-based series ‘The Gifted’.  Previously, he created and executive produced ‘Burn Notice’ which ran for seven seasons on USA.  Tyler served as a writer and story editor on ‘Burn Notice’.

The sequel to ‘The Pioneer’, ‘The Survivor’ will be released on March 10, 2020.

Check back for updates as this project develops.