“I think I had a mother once.”

It’s time to move on.

For the first two weeks, Grimm Nick Burkhart has been running all over the place, trying to figure out this new mysterious Uprising, find the kidnapped Trubel, and get used to being a father. These events have effectively prevented him from mourning the death of Juliette Silverton, his once girlfriend/almost-fiancée.  But, as we are immersed in Grimm week three, Nick and Adalind are packing the final bits of stuff as they move out of Nick’s home. It’s time for a new beginning…

Nick shows Adalind around their new abode

While Nick in moving forward, Rosalee has her own jolt from the past when an old bullet hole in the wall from Juliette’s least flattering moments as hexen biest. While she and Monroe lament the loss of their friend, four kids have to deal with the loss of their “mother” when she falls and smacks her head. But they won’t be deterred, these four young Wesen as Peter, the apparent leader of the young quartet, tells his siblings “we find another mother.”

Meanwhile, Nick and Adalind arrive at their new home: an abandoned factory set up like a CIA safe house. Barren? Yes, but it has what they need to live. Nick has enough time to show her around their new abode before getting the call on the dead ‘mother’. Turns out the woman—Wendy Henley—has been missing for more than two years. They revisit the surveillance footage of her last known sighting and spot a young girl speaking with the woman who, after leaving the camera’s line of sight, hadn’t been seen until now.

Back to the four siblings, Peter and Big John travel into town to get some cough meds for Lily, their sick sister. They wind up at Rosalee’s shop where Peter tries stealing the ingredients Lily needs, even woging in front of Rosalee. He’s shocked when she doesn’t shy away from him and even more so when she gives him the meds for free. Her actions make an impression on the boys and, using Lily, they return later and take Rosalee in as their new mother.

Rosalee tells a Grimm story to the four orphans

For Monroe, he hears his wife’s abduction over the phone and calls Nick and Hank in what happened. When he hears about the Wendy Henley case, Monroe has the detectives take him to the body to gather the woman’s scent; with it, he’ll be able to track her last known location. Scent catalogued, they take him to woods where the body was discovered and Monroe tracks the scent through to the originating spot. While the three men search, Rosalee is biding her time to escape. The four orphans make sure she’s fed and are calling her ‘mother’ very early on. She even does her motherly duties of telling them a story and, once they fall asleep, she gnaws through her restraints and makes her escape. They eventually catch up to her but she woges, startling them into temporary submission.  Things nearly devolve into violence but the revolt is put down by Nick, Hank, and Monroe’s arrival onto the scene.

Crisis averted, the kids are put back into the system, still with no clue as to what they are…and then they meet Warden Hooke, who promises them a new life, one under the banner of “Occultatum Libera!”

And then there’s Adalind and Nick. When she hears him return home from work, she shows her vulnerability, citing how she doesn’t want to be alone for the night. Though hesitant, Nick agrees and, for the second time in the episode, Adalind and Nick share a moment. Is it a preview of things to come?

On the subject of things to come, a bruised Trubel is released from her cell by Meisner. “It’s time,” he tells her and the Grimm steps out, focused and ready….

The Grimmtastic

  • This was the embodiment of a filler episode.  Sure, there were a few nuggets that will pay off in future episodes, the general story of the cleverly titled “Lost Boys” (Lily, Peter, Hooke anyone?) was more about allowing us and our primary Grimm to catch a breath. We’re never given a timeframe from episode to episode but Nick’s sold the house, so a month or more must have passed since the first two episodes. There’s no doubt Nick is still haunted by Juliette’s death, it seems like he’s had a modicum of time to process it all.
  • Now the question remains, what’s going on between Nick and Adalind? They start off “reminiscing” about being one another’s “firsts” (Adalind as Nick’s first Wesen, she seeing her first Grimm) to sharing a bed. It may not be anything like love at first sight, but when two people who feel alone are thrust together, well, things tend to happen…
  • For the first time since last year, Meisner pays a visit to Renard, filling him in on the King’s death and Viktor’s ascension to the throne. Though he doesn’t know baby Diana’s location, Meisner promises Renard that she is safe. But it’s Meisner’s “training” of Trubel that brings the most questions to the table. What has he been doing to her and what is he preparing her for? So many questions, so few answers…