Some viewers have complained because on ‘Titans’ only Robin, Hawk and Dove have proper superhero suits, but considering the fact that they are technically the only actual superheroes, it makes sense.  Executive producers Akiva Goldsman and Geoff Johns have stated that Dick Grayson’s evolution from Robin to Nightwing is an important storyline and one that will play out on the series over time.  But it seems as though plans are already underway, as it seems there is already a Nightwing costume for Brenton Thwaites, although when it appears is unknown.

In addition to that, it seems that when Conor Leslie (above) debuts as Donna Troy, she will also be a superhero, Wonder Girl, whose costume has also reportedly been seen.

Even though in the comics, Nightwing’s costume is basically a sleek, featureless body stocking with bands around his forearms and calves to contain his boomerangs, grappling hooks, cables and whatever other equipment he requires.

But the character has already been adapted into a few other media, including the ‘Young Justice’ cartoon series (left) and the ‘Batman: Arkham’ video games.  In these, his costume is given a more realistic, padded and armored look with additional compartments to carry his weaponry.  Because of that, plus the appearance of Grayson’s Robin costume, it’s fairly easy to image what his Nightwing suit will look like.

Take this with a grain of salt, but according to a post to the Titans Together Facebook group, this is what to expect:

It will be a very dark, almost black colored blue, and it will have the classic blue wing on the front. A costume this accurate is what was expected considering his current suit is ripped straight out of the comics with a gritty, real-world aesthetic.

Donna Troy is one of the most important members of the comic book Titans, but due to licensing issues, she was one of the only Titans that couldn’t be used on the ‘Teen Titans’ cartoon.  But luckily, she is getting her shot at the big time on ‘Titans’.

Donna has worn various costumes over the years, but it sounds as though on ‘Titans’ she will wear her classic red suit with stars, “high boots” and her bullet deflecting bracelets.  She will also be equipped with her Magic Lasso.  In more recent comics, both Donna (now known as Troia) and Wonder Woman have taken to carrying swords and shields, and although the film Wonder Woman wields these weapons, Donna will not on ‘Titans’.

As is the norm, the comic book illustrations of this costume are sleek and simple.  Presumably, the TV interpretation will be more detailed.

The red suit is significant.  Not only is it one of her most popular looks, but it was the costume she wore when the ‘New Teen Titans’ formed and she first encountered Raven and Starfire.

The exact order of ‘Titans’ episodes isn’t 100% firm.  For instance, this week’s episode “Doom Patrol” is the fourth, but it was previously believed to have been the fifth.  At this point, the episode “Donna Troy” is listed as the ninth, but that could change.

Are you looking forward to seeing Nightwing and Wonder Girl on ‘Titans’?

Source: Super Bro Movies