We all know that the constantly changing anthology series of ‘American Horror Story‘ differs between seasons, but now it sounds like the fifth season will be really mixing things up. As the Television Critics Association press tour keeps chugging forward, we have been finding out more and more about our favorite shows and now we’ve received a small taste of what is to come for the next season. While the show’s creator Ryan Murphy hasn’t been too open about what we can expect, we did get a clue this past Sunday from FX Network’s CEO John Landgraf!

According to Landgraf, the show would be “very different” and that “there’s going to be an unusually large reinvention in between Book 4 and Book 5 relative to, say, between Book 3 [Coven] and 4 [Freak Show].” He was also asked it the series may return to a plot that takes place in modern times as the first and third season had pieces that were and Landgraf stated that it was his hope that it would. However, as he wasn’t going to reveal the theme for the series, he couldn’t really expand upon that.

All Murphy has said about the upcoming season is that the series would film in Santa Fe this year and that it involved “Operation Top Hat.” A clue for next season’s theme was in the top hats that have been seen during this season’s episodes, though other clues have apparently been snuck into then as well. Speaking of the top hats, Murphy said that “It’s an arcane clue, but it’s very purposeful.”

Could the top hat clue that he seems to be alluding to been shown on the cups that appear to be from The Top Hat Diner? This was the diner where we had seen the carny folk order from before they were kicked out. Also, in the few scenes that he was in, you can’t forget that Edward Mordrake also wears a top hat. However, with his lore so rooted in a Carnival setting I can’t imagine that he would be showing up again for next season.

What do you think that the top hats might be predicting for the upcoming season? Who do you think will return to the series in a new role? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Huffinton Post