Earlier this week, word got out that Marvel Studios’ director situation had improved. Unfortunately, the movie in question that filled the position was ‘Doctor Strange’ rather than ‘Ant-Man’, which Edgar Wright recently stepped away from after developing the project since 2006. Last week, a short list of directors emerged showing some potential replacements for Hank Pym and Scott Lang’s big screen debuts. Since then, ‘Anchorman’ director Adam McKay turned down the position and ‘Zombieland’ helmer Ruben Fleischer became connected to ‘Ghostbusters 3’, a project that could interfere with the upcoming Marvel Phase Three movie. A few new names were recently added to the mix, but of the original list, we’re left with Rawson Marshall Thurber of ‘We’re The Millers’. However, that may no longer be the case if some new reports are to be believed.

At this point, ‘Ant-Man’ has essentially gone through four directors already to get this project up and running. Now, it looks like another one can be added to the list of filmmakers to exit the film. According to This Is Infamous, Thurber has also passed on the gig and this movie is a ship without a captain once again.

Usually, I feel like people would jump at the opportunity to work with Marvel considering their excellent track record over the years. Although, with the fairly publicized script troubles for ‘Ant-Man’, it’s not hard to imagine why directors are repelled by the notion of taking it on. Hopefully the House of Ideas brings someone in quickly so they don’t have to forfeit their 2015 release date.

Though this probably won’t happen at this point, I’m wondering why Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios didn’t just bring in Joe Cornish to direct after Wright walked. While he has very few directing credits on his resume, ‘Attack the Block’ has garnered praise from those who have seen it and it mixes a good bit of sci-fi action with comedy, which seems to be what they’re looking to do with ‘Ant-Man’. Plus, he co-wrote the script, so he could have continued to edit and compromise as needed while still attempting to maintain the original vision of the film. Like I said, the ship has probably sailed on this already, but I wonder if this thought even crossed any minds at Marvel.

As the ‘Ant-Man’ director drama continues, are you disappointed that Rawson Marshall Thurber has allegedly turned down the job as well? Do you think that he would have presented an interesting take on the size-shifting superhero? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.

‘Ant-Man’ starring Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd hits theaters on July 17, 2015.