CBS has finally decided to get on the zombie bandwagon with ‘Dead Mann Walking’ which is an adaptation of the series by Stefan Petrucha. Just don’t expect any gore or violence on par with ‘The Walking Dead’. We’re not going to be seeing a zombie outbreak on the network known for procedurals and comedies but more of a zombie along the lines of Liz on The CW’s ‘iZombie’. Yes, we’re going to not only be getting an intelligent zombie but one the story will be firmly delivered in a procedural format as well as we follow an ex-cop turned undead turned private investigator.

Think of it as a noir detective story that just happens to feature the undead.

On ‘Dead Mann Walking’ we follow a police officer who was shamed and executed for murdering his wife. Of course we’ll all instantly know that he is innocent of the crime and thanks to a new drug that can bring the dead back to life, he is being given a second chance. He’ll be using this chance to try and track down those responsible for his wife’s death. Of course he’ll apparently still have bills to pay so will be working on various cases and mysteries in the meantime.

Simon Barry is set to Executive Produce on the show and write the script with Stephen Hegye joining him in the Executive Producer’s chair. That is giving some great talent behind the scenes and I’m wondering who will be set to direct and star in the series.

However even with the dead being brought back to life and the word zombie being thrown around there was no word that the lead will actually be consuming any human flesh. It sounds more as if he’ll be the equivalent of a Ghoul than an actual zombie but with it being so early in development, who knows what direction the show might take.

Does an undead police procedural sound like something that you’d want to see? Can you buy into the concept? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend