We’re only 2 weeks away and counting for the premiere of ‘Jessica Jones,’ the next superhero who will be part of Team Defenders! All episodes of the series is set to drop on Netflix later this month and to get us even more excited (if you aren’t already), the streaming site has released a slew of new hi-res photos from the show.

Up until now, most of the promotional material have focused on Jessica (Krysten Ritter), Luke (Mike Colter) and the main baddie, Kilgrave (David Tennant), but we now get to see some of the other players in the series such as Jeryn Hogarth (Carrie Ann Moss), Trish Walker (Rachel Taylor) and Will Simpson (Wil Traval). Of course there are more images of Jessica, Luke and the Purple Man himself in all his purple glory.

In the series, Jessica Jones is a former superhero who, due to a traumatic event, decides life would be easier as a private investigator. She opens up her business, Alias Investigations, in Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil’s hood, but finds out you can’t escape your past that easily. It doesn’t take long before the man that tormented her (Kilgrave) finds the titular hero to continue his sinister machinations. Helping Jessica fight her demon will be Luke Cage, a wrongly accused escaped convict who also has super strength due to a sabotaged experiment and who has now become a superhero for hire.

With a trailer, motion posters, and now these stills, it won’t be long before clips will be released so make sure you check back here as we’ll post them when one becomes available!

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the new images below!

All 13-episodes of ‘Jessica Jones’ will premiere on Netflix on Nov. 20.