It seems Marvel was ahead of its time with main character gender swaps and now even Syfy is getting in on the action with a female Van Helsing tracking down and destroying those bloodsucking undead. The first season of this series is getting a 13-episode run and will begin filming this coming January for a fall 2016 premiere. While we don’t know much about casting at this point Neil LaBute (‘In the Company of Men’,’The Wicker Man’) is on board as the show’s writer and showrunner.

In the series, we’ll be following the descendant of Professor Abraham van Helsing who is named Vanessa Helsing. Her line is still hunting down vampires and it seems that not only has she died but has been brought back to life five years in the future. Only, things aren’t what she was expecting as vampires have taken over the world. Not only that, but she “possesses a unique power over them” and is the only person left who can save humanity from the vampire horde.

The series comes from Calgary-based Nomadic Pictures and Co-Chairman of company Chad Oakes says that:

“Van Helsing represents a new mythology in sci-fi by challenging traditional vampire rules. The series is unique in exploring a world completely dominated by vampires, while the human characters have to learn the importance of working together to ensure their survival.”

With Chris Regina, SVP of Program Strategy at Syfy adding that:

“Van Helsing reimagines a classic story in a compelling new way, featuring a bold and complex heroine.”

Finally LaBute chimed in that:

“I am extremely excited to be working with Syfy and Nomadic Pictures to create a unique, character-driven action series that will move the traditional vampire tropes into bold and unexpected new territories. This is a wonderful chance for us to forge great stories and unforgettable characters and throw them into a world where the stakes – both dramatic and personal – are tremendously high.”

The idea of a world ruled by vampires was recently done in 2009’s ‘Daybreakers’ and while the film met with mixed reactions I did love the concept and idea. I’m looking forward to see how the series comes to life on the small screen and hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate of cancellation that ‘Defiance’ and ‘Dominion’ recently went through.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming ‘Van Helsing’ series? Do you think Vanessa Helsing is a character that you’ll be wanting to follow? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Deadline