Last weekend was the 30th Anniversary of Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia, and among the cosplay and gaming you could find me at the Gotham panel. Fan favorite Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin), David Mazouz (Bruce), Sean Pertwee (Alfred), Drew Powell (Butch), and Chris Chalk (Lucius Fox) were all there to tell set stories and give attendees a glimpse of Season 3. Here’s what you missed.

The first audience question revealed what the actors said was one of their most asked questions: “do you guys play pranks on each other?” Contrary to the mischievous on-set antics made famous by George Clooney and infamous by Jared Leto, this cast remains  relatively prank-free. Taylor admitted that he tried for a time with co-star Cory Michael Smith (Riddler). The two sent back and forth fake blood and funeral arrangements, but ultimately found it easier to just be conventional friends.

Taylor went on to talk about his character’s limp. In one scene he forgot to do Penguin’s signature shuffle which prompted the actor to put a bottle cap in his shoe as an uncomfortable reminder. He later switched it out for two stacked coins. Taylor pointed out that the limp originated from an injury to his character, as careful-viewers already know, and that future alterations to his appearance that would bring him closer to the Penguin we know from the comics would probably also come from injuries. The monocle was specifically referenced to that point. It doesn’t, however, sound like Taylor would be willing to gain the weight required to match a DeVito-like performance. A fat suit may be an option. The Penguin’s tendency to smoke from the old series is off the table due to network TV rules.

While on the topic of the slow transformation to the character’s future selves, Mazouz mentioned that he is working with a trainer toward that Batman physique. I found Mazouz particularly impressive although I may have graded him on a curve considering his age. The young Bruce came across and very smart and funny. He even gave his best “I am Batman” with the disclaimer that “puberty sucks” while attempting to avoid a voice crack.

The panel ended with each actor giving one word that sums up the upcoming season currently being filmed. I will give you each of their words along with the character of the actor who said it.

  • Butch: Torn
  • Alfred: Allegiances
  • Penguin: Romance
  • Bruce: Owls
  • Fox: Manjam (A joking callback to Powell’s web series with a suggestive name.)

Gotham returns to FOX September 19th.