If you thought the 2016 elections were heating up, you should check out the political climate in Odessa.

We’ve shared some articles about Ukrainian candidate Darth Vader. The Sith Lord has been popping up in the Ukrainian elections for about a year now, representing the Ukrainian Internet Party. Darth Vader has run for president, a spot in Parliament and now he’s been campaigning for the mayor’s seat in Odessa.

(While he’s yet to be elected to any position, the Internet Party was successful in removing a statue of Lenin and replacing it with a statue of Darth Vader. The statue also serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Take that, Lenin!)

This past weekend during the mayoral election, Darth Vader had an unlikely supporter, Chewbacca. However, Chewbacca’s fervor for the former Jedi got him into a bit of trouble. He was arrested for illegal campaigning and disturbing the peace.


Chewbacca was fined the equivalent of $7.50, but unfortunately he left his wallet on the Millennium Falcon. As result, Chewie did have to make a court appearance where he pled the following:

Now, you’re probably wondering about the results of the Odessa elections. Well, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Emperor Palpatine actually did win a seat on city council.  Palpatine Dmitry, an emperor at LLC Palaptine Finance Group, received 54 percent of the votes needed. This prompted non-canon mayoral candidate Sasha Borovik to post on Facebook, “This is beyond my understanding. People, what’s wrong with you?”

Sure, people are allowed to be upset if they find this to be a mockery of the political system. However, what we should be the most concerned about is that Council-member Palpatine’s constituency probably thought “Revenge of the Sith” was the best out of all six movies.