Marvel has taken its fans to places far and wide, but now the entertainment company has expanded to a new territory—the world of culinary arts.

Bo Innovation, a popular restaurant in Hong Kong is hosting a three-night “pop-up” dinner where renowned chefs Alvin Leung and Chris Cosentino host dinners with dishes inspired by Marvel Comics. The first night Cosentino of Cockscomb Restaurant in San Francisco will put together an eight-course meal. The second night, Leung who owns Bo Innovation will take over. The third night, the two chefs will assemble for a final feast

The event will take place November 2-4. There are only 50 seats available and guests will receive a special collectible. Both Marvel heroes and villains will inspire the meals. Hopefully the dish inspired by Red Skull will be just delicious as the one inspired by Captain America.

Here’s their press release:

From November 2-4, Marvel, Chef Alvin Leung of Bo Innovation (Hong Kong) and Chef Chris Cosentino of Cockscomb Restaurant (San Francisco, CA – USA) will team up to host a three-night Marvel-themed Heroes & Villains pop-up dinner series in Asia’s World City.

From Captain America to Thor to the Green Goblin, each chef will have one night to create an exclusive Marvel-themed menu inspired by their favorite Marvel Comic characters. On November 4, the third and final night, both chefs will join forces for the first time ever and co-host an eight-course Marvel-themed exclusive dinner menu.

The three-night dinner series will be held at Chef Alvin Leung’s three-Michelin starred restaurant, Bo Innovation. Guests will enjoy a special eight course meal, as well as have an opportunity to learn more about the inspiration behind the dishes by the celebrity chefs themselves. Each guest will also receive a special limited edition Marvel collectible item created exclusively for the three pop-up dinner events.

With a limit of only 50 seats per night, this is an event not to be missed.