Despite whatever people may think of the man and his conduct in his personal life, it seems as though Tom Cruise has been making a bit of a comeback in recent years, with such films as ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ ‘Jack Reacher’ and ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ that did well at the box office and earned critical acclaim. And he is clearly hoping to capitalize on those successes, not only planning on doing a sequel to ‘Jack Reacher’ (titled ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’) and another ‘Mission Impossible,’ but also teaming with Doug Liman (who directed ‘Edge of Tomorrow’) to bring another science fiction story to life.

The project they have in mind is titled ‘Luna Park,’ whose story involves a rogue group of space workers who journey to the moon itself to try to steal a secret energy source. Not much else is known about the project at the moment, except for the news that the pair might have finally found a screenwriter for their movie.

According to Variety, it seems screenwriter Jason Fuchs has just agreed to write a draft of ‘Luna Park,’ which to my mind is an odd choice considering his most recent film, ‘Pan’ has not been received well by audiences or critics (who ironically enough, seem to be panning it). Of course, at the end of production the final product, good or bad, can often by  more the work of the director than the writer, especially as Fuchs’ script for ‘Pan’ at one time had been on Hollywood’s Blacklist in 2013, which is a list of favorite un-produced scripts. And since Warner Brothers had enough faith in Fuchs to let him write the screenplay for the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, its not that far a leap to see Liman and Cruise being open to working with the man, especially as it takes ‘Luna Park’ at last into real production, enough so that there are now rumors that they are going to try to squeeze in the shoot for ‘Luna Park’ before Cruise begins work on the next ‘Mission Impossible’ film.

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