Chris Pine is “super excited” to begin filming Warner Bros.’ latest super hero epic ‘Wonder Woman’.  Pine reportedly passed on starring in the title role of ‘Green Lantern’ in WB’s planned 2020 reboot in favor of playing Wonder Woman’s supporting character and  romantic interest Steve Trevor in the Gal Gadot-starring flick.

Pine was reportedly offered the choice by WB– he could either play Trevor or the starring role of Hal Jordan in ‘Green Lantern’.  With his dreamy Hollywood looks and athletic prowess, Pine would make an excellent super hero himself, but the ‘Star Trek’ leading man opted for the smaller part.

What about the film is Pine most excited about?  Breaking down barriers for one thing.

Shortly after confirming his part, Pine stated:

“What excites me most is to work in a movie with a superhero woman. With a woman in the lead role. I am teamed with this intelligent, beautiful and strong woman to defeat the villains and save humanity.”

He also glowingly praised his co-star and director:

“I’m super excited, of course, Gal Gadot is super talented, Patty Jenkins will perform, and we will shoot in film.”

His last remark about shooting on film is technical but worth an eyebrow raise.  Nowadays, most movies are shot in digital.  The fact that ‘Wonder Woman’ will be shot in film is a bit unusual, but may add a richness to the film, whereas digital photography can sometime look more stark.  To be honest, I’m not sure how this impacts the possibility of a 3D release, but it probably won’t.  I can’t imagine ‘Wonder Woman’ not being shown in 3D IMAX.  It’s possible different film stocks will be used for different time periods, since we already know that the film will be set in various times, including (reportedly) World War I.

Steve Trevor appeared in the first Wonder Woman comic, ‘All-Star Comics’#8, published in 1941.  In the comics, his character has evolved over the years.  A military man, Trevor has at times been quite competent and resourceful, which is reportedly the take that Pine’s character will employ.  But Trevor is also quite often depicted as being rather footloose and carefree and even bumbling.  In some comics, he is hopelessly enamored of the goddess-like Wonder Woman (while remaining oblivious to his assistant, mousey Diana Prince, who is secretly the corset-wearing hero), but at other times, he is a swaggering ladies man.

All of this makes Pine sound like the perfect fit, whatever approach they take!  After all, his big break was playing the latter day Captain Kirk in the ‘Star Trek’ movies.  Pine’s Kirk is intelligent and capable, but also cocky, rebellious and sometimes bumbling.  His “dude in distress” should make an excellent foil for the typically cool and confident Wonder Woman.

What do you think of Pine as Steve Trevor?  Are you getting excited for ‘Wonder Woman’ in 2017?

Sources: Screen Rant