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With all of the ‘Back to the Future’ hype this week it could be easy to miss that Phil Lord and Chris Miller (‘The Lego Movie‘,’21 Jump Street’) are hard at work developing a time travel based sitcom for Fox titled ‘In Time’. They are working with Julius Sharpe (‘Family Guy’,’Dads’) to develop the series. Clearly they are going to have a lot of comedic talent being thrown at this one and I just hope they can find a cast who can keep up!

We don’t have a lot of information on it quite yet but we do know that ‘In Time’ is loosely being described as a series that will “follow the exploits of three friends with mundane lives in the present who wind up experiencing the adventure of time travel” and Fox has ordered a put pilot. For those unfamiliar with the term that means that if they air the pilot they will need to suffer a penalty fee. These orders generally only occur when the studio believes a series will end up being made.

With multiple sequels in the works and being attached to the ‘Star Wars’ anthology film which will follow a younger Han Solo, this duo already has a lot on their plate so I’m not sure how actively they will be involved. While I tend to enjoy Lord and Miller’s writing, I wasn’t the biggest fan of ‘The Last Man On Earth’ which Fox also released. Of course I seem to be in the minority with the show having been nominated for three Emmys including writing, directing, and one for Will Forte’s performance as the leading man.

Still, with how much I love the rest of their work, I’m willing to give it a shot.

What are your thoughts about ‘In Time’? Are you excited to hear that Lord and Miller have another project that they’re tackling together? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider