First we got hoverboards (well, kinda) and a light-up Delorean iPhone case, now Nike has unveiled the Power Lace high top shoes worn by Michael J. Fox‘s character Marty McFly in ‘Back To The Future II.’  The shoe manufacturer chose today to unveil them because it’s unofficially ‘Back To The Future Day’– thus dubbed because today’s date, October 21, 2015, was the date in the “future” visited by the lead characters of the 1989 movie.  And also fittingly, the first recipient of the high tech new sneakers was Fox himself.

Nike teased such in a tweet last night:

Then today, they tweeted a photo of Fox trying them on for size.  (Get a load of Fox’s ten billion awards just casually hanging out in the background!)

The Power Lace shoes, also known as MAGs, were first announced last January, when designer Tinker Hatfield (best name ever!) revealed that the company was working on them for a 2015 release.

Monday, Hatfield tweeted Fox a photo of a handwritten (and drawn) letter which included the statement, “Although the project started as science fiction, we’re now proud to turn that fiction into fact … We wanted you to be the first to receive a living pair.”  The letter is signed “Your Friend, Tinker” (because if my name was Tinker, I’d slap in on everything I could too.  He even signs it all cool and stuff!). Look at the sweet memo below:

Unfortunately for ‘Back to the Future’ fans, the shoes won’t be commercially available until this coming spring and only as part of a series of charity auctions with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.  In 2011, Nike released a replica pair but those did not feature the Power Lace feature.

So for the time being, feel free to blow your extra cash on a hoverboard until the Nike MAGs hit stores.  Will you be snapping up a pair of these?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter