When Laurel Lance took Thea Queen to the cemetery at the end of last week’s episode of ‘Arrow and dug up the remains of her sister, I’m not sure anyone watching was surprised in the least, especially not after having seen the trailer for ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ when it came out last season. Sure, we did not know the how or why Sara Lance ended up going to the Lazarus Pit, but we knew she was heading there, and now the only real question is: what will the Lazarus Pit do to her? Thea was dunked after only having been dead for a day at most, and now is showing some serious signs of bloodlust while in combat, a temperament she at this point cannot seem to control. What will Sara be like after having been dead for (I’m guessing) over a year?

According to the show-runner for ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ Phil Klemmer, it seems that while Sara will be alive, she will be bereft of any real humanity. In a recent interview with TVGuide.com, Klemmer went on to elaborate how Sara Lance will fit into the team on ‘Legends of Tomorrow:’

“Her story is really a simple one. It’s her trying to regain her humanity, trying to find a human connection. It’s kind of this paradox that she’s selected for the team because she’s this ruthless, cold-blooded assassin and what she really wants is to feel again. And these two things are at odds.”

So at the very least we know some small fragment of Sara’s humanity remains, the part that wants her to feel again, although the whole thing kind of sounds like what Buffy went through after she was brought back from the dead (though I really hope Sara’s journey will not just be a modern rip-off of that storyline). Either way, I think it will work well for all of the CW DC shows to have Sara Lance back in the world, and I look forward to seeing how it all shapes up.

Source: Cinemablend